Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tutorial - propagating by lthe layering method.

One of the best ways to propagate ginger plants is by the layering method.  My pink ginger was acquired from a  friend who popped one of her flowers into a pot, and now I am doing the same.   One I put into a pot, and the other I put straight into the ground.  Both were held down with wire pegs so that there is firm connection with the soil.  as you can see the original branch is dying as it gives  life to the new plant.  Isn't that awesome?

A  lot of plants can be propagated in this way - here you can see that the flower is already putting out new leaves, and as soon as it is pegged down into the earth or a pot it will begin to grow roots and a new plant.
Sometimes gardening just amazes me.


  1. I had never heard of this method, but sounds interesting Gill.

    1. My first pink ginger was grown by this method and that was the first I had heard of it too Sami.

  2. that hot pink flower is amazing, so beautiful.
    i have had that happen in my garden with another plant - a native rock rose I think - the branches were hanging low and lying on the ground, and when I investigated I found it had taken root! I chopped it off and dug it out and hey presto, another rock rose for a different part of the garden :-)

    1. what an awesome story E! These branches never hang low so I dont know how they eventually get to the ground in the wild - i suppose once that brnach dies totally,


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