Thursday, June 11, 2015

I love growing from seed

I do have a thing for seeds .... Lately I have been picking the rosella, and then drying them.  To dry, I just lay them out on the windshield screen in the back of the car - as I travel around the sun shines in and dries them, it take three to four days.

I will be removing these bushes this weekend to make way for more seeds to be planted there, specifically snow pleas.

  I told my grandson that the tea I was drinking came from the rosella seeds he saved last year. (I thought he would have been more impressed! - I was!) This makes awesome tea.

I have made seed tape before,Here is the tutorial. and wondered if that would be a good option with something like silverbeet and beetroot seeds which do better if soaked overnight in a mild seaweed solution.  I have never had much success with either of those seeds, so thought I would give it a try.  I laid out two strips of toilet paper and then evenly spaced the seeds, and folded the paper over.  Then I kept them wet for two days.  Of course picking up wet toilet paper turned out to be a rather difficult thing to do!  The pieces that were just damp worked perfectly. Since planting them we have had lovely rain every day, so hope I see some action real soon.

The cucumbers planted in the edge of the asparagus bed are doing really well, sooo much better than the ones at the back of the adjacent bed.  They get more water but I did worry about all the seaweed I have been putting on the asparagus beds since that adds salt, but clearly the cucumbers dont mind that.  In fact I am going to pull out most of the asparagus - the purple one is the only one that ever did anything.  That way I have three beds - better for rotating crops like solanacea.

Isnt it just amazing what comes out of those tiny seeds?


  1. I've never tried rosella tea. Interesting way to dry them.

    1. I always put my bread to rise out there and it gets lovely and warm. We have been having so much rain lately though that they are not getting the sun they need.

  2. Imagine if you applied the brakes suddenly, you'd have rosella confetti.

  3. it is amazing that very hard seeds turn onto lush green life :-)
    I am also impressed by your rosella tea - and it looks so pretty. especially in that cup - very special.

    1. It is - growing from seeds is so rewarding for me. This was a good year for rosella, so glad I planted so many.

  4. The tea looks delicious. I am not familiar with rosella, but I admire your creativity in drying the seeds!

    1. Deb,
      It is a really tropical plant, and it seems fitting to use the heat of the sun to dry the tea too!


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