Monday, November 10, 2014

Tropical wet season or weed season?

I have been avoiding facing up to the weeds out in the veggie patch.  The more you avoid them the more rampant they become so this weekend I made weeding a priority.  As I go through the beds I throw the weeds onto my weed mat paths.  Once done, I simply turn the weed mat over and voila!  the weeds are gone :)  Making weed tea attracts mosquitos in this climate, and yet I dont want to throw anything that comes out of my garden away.  doesnt it look nice  and clean now?
 I also moved one of the worm bins into a more accessible area, right here in the asparagus bed.  This one has a bucket on top with fresh yummy veggies to entice the worms to move up.  That will leave the castings in the lower bucket that I can add to plants that need an extra boost.  I think the lime tree might need some boosting.  Not sure what is going on -one of the branches has started dying and there are these white spots all over the dying branch.  I cut back the dead part and sprayed with soapy water with a bit of oil added.  Not mealy bugs as I cant scrape them off.
 The hippeastrum are looking lovely although I dont seem able to get the whole row to flower at once...
 I cut back all the faded heleconia, and gosh that opened up the back path quite a bit and let lots of light in.  I also cut back the lower lychee branches as it looks as though the only fruit we are going to get are too high to reach - sigh.  That means the bats will find them...
New heleconia are starting to shoot up as the wet season is their main flowering season.
 The other side of the path is also more open and light fill now.
This was about an hour after mulching up all the leaves, but at least my compoost bin is pumping away, and I am able to get some pretty good compost about every 6 weeks. 


  1. The weeds seem to have a life of their own, I can never get rid of all the weeds...
    Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. Sami,
    sometimes it seems as if they grow up ovenight. Suddenly I have grass weeds too which I never had before and I wonder where they came from...

  3. It's been hot windy and dry here lately. Normal plants suffer but weeds seem to thrive and spread. I think I should have renewed the mulch on the gardens a lot earlier instead of playing catch up.
    Your garden is looking lovely and healthy and ready for the wet season I think.

    1. Roz,
      Funny that how the weeds survive anything isnt it? I also should have mulched earlier - it makes such a difference.

  4. so lush - i love seeing your garden, AA - it's always so lush and wonderful. such a treat for me to 'visit'!

  5. I can hear my weeds growing during the me nightmares!

  6. Your garden is so pretty and I can't see a weed in sight. What a great effort, to weed in this climate when the weeds pop up overnight and spread so quickly. Your garden always presents well and again, it is a pleasure to view :D


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