Monday, October 20, 2014

Spring buds

It has been so dry here lately, and windy, which dries out the soil even more.  There is promise though in all the buds popping up around the garden....
I love the excitement of seeing little curled up pockets about to unfurl into sheer awesomeness.  As a child I couldn't resist peeking inside the poppy buds to see what colour was going to open next!
Firstly there are amaryllis coming out all over the garden.  I know they like a bit of dry weather to induce flowering.
 This little red amaryllis is happier in a  shady spot.
The giant peace Lilly are living up to their name, the flowers are huge and the stephanotis buds weave through the greenery.  I really must look up some ideas of how to train this vine as I keep looping it back onto the frame.

I just think the little buds are so pretty, and their scent is awesome, but it looks very straggly in this corner.  does anyone else grow them and have any ideas of how best to tie them back?

The desert rose also loves this time of year and my white one is bursting with lovely blooms

These awesome lady slipper orchids are all over - so, so cool!  That vine is meandering all over the weeping tea tree just as I anticipated.

Last night we got some very welcome rain, so maybe the drought is over.  


  1. Wow, spring buds. How funny. The leaves are falling from the trees here, with lovely autumn colours. It's good to know that it is spring somewhere on the planet! Your garden is looking lovely.

    1. I have been enjoying photos of the lovely fall colours in the Northern Hemisphere. Wow! love your header photo of that fluffy butterfly - off to droool over all your butterfly photos, thanks for stopping by.

  2. I have been peeking into the poppy buds to see what colour, just can't wait, and I am no child. Enjoyed your pics.

  3. I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your exotic flowers. Here in Ontario, Canada we grow amaryllis as an indoor potted plant that blooms around Christmas when it's cold and snowy outside. The colour is much appreciated at that time of year.

    1. It is strange isnt it? These ones I actually put into the fridge for a couple of weeks to shock them into flowering since it often doesnt get cold enough here :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, for some reason I can no longer comment on your posts, just wanted to let you know I still read and enjoy what you write.

  5. We're into our autumn here and it's such a good feeling to see your lovely garden with all the beautiful flowers in bloom. You enjoy it and thank you for all the lovely pictures.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the photos, I am looking forward to when I can take a whole row of those amaryllis in bloom.

  6. Such fabulous blooms abounding in your lovely garden. Rewards for a passionate gardener, yah! Thanks for sharing, Gillian.
    Happy gardening and have a great day,
    Jacq from

  7. I adore the peace lilies, but they always "cock up and die" when I bring them home, so I admire them from afar, and yours are beautiful.


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