Friday, March 14, 2014

Herb spiral update

The herb spiral is an area that I think of as a separate entitiy, rather than just tagged onto the side of the veggie garden.  On my big shopping expedition I discovered some lovely little herb pots.  Two of my stepsons are forever asking me for herbs, and I give them little pots of basil, or parsley, and then when I ask how they are doing I am told of disaster befalling those poor plants, every time......  Mostly from overwatering.  My thought was that in these pots it would be hard to overwater them, and I could give them a large selection all in one container....
  Firstly some stones went into the bottom to aid with drainage. The pots were then filled with some potting soil amended with 5 in 1, blood and bone and crusher dust.  The plants were added and I will keep them until the plants are well established.  I am really dissapointed though with how the colour is peeling off the top of the one pot.  I should have got the plain terracotta colour to begin with.
 The idea of these pots seems similar to a herb spiral. I planted a few of the same herbs into a pot which is alongside the herb spiral.   Since they are more mediterranean type herbs I can control the moisture going to them.  The mint is also in a separate pot, but that is because it needs more water, not less!

The entire bottom level of my herb spiral  is now devoted to flowers.  This is one of the few spots in my garden that gets good afternoon sunlight. The other one is fruit salad alley. I threw out quite a few zinnia seeds - they are always so cheerful, and I will intersperse it with some basil - I think they should be nice companions.  On the side are the gerberas, and they have been nicely trimmed and mulched.  Yes there is also a paw paw volunteer - it can stay there for the moment until I decide what to do with it.  It might move to fruit salad alley....

 The rosemary which was doing so well is now looking a little straggly, so I trimmed it back well and have planted out a few slips in various pots. It was doing fine in the pot - in fact it was growing roots right out the bottom so I thought it would do fine in the ground. There are some little seedlings coming up around the rosemary but silly me I forgot to label what I planted, so will have to see what it is when it comes up. They look suspiciously like more parsley so I guess I am going to be well stocked with parsley.  The perrenial coriander and mother of herbs was cut back to allow for some basil and I think soon this area is going to be looking nice and lush once again.   Look at my little parsley plants coming up in the besa bricks.  Arent they cute?

 When I was trimming back the heleconias last weekend I found a sexy pink lady flowering so brought it inside so we could enjoy it.  They last so well in a vase, and this way I can admire it more than right at the back of the garden where nobody can see it.


  1. I love the herb pots, what a sweet thing to do for your stepsons. I am always so amazed at the things you can grow there in your garden, like the Heliconia. I want one, but it will have to come into the greenhouse for the winter.

    1. Hi Alison,
      I think most of the family know that my gifts are going to be gardening or healthy living related....Yes I do live in a very tropical climate, so there are lots of things i cant grow....

  2. I love the herb pots too! And I really like your idea of planting herbs in the "holes" of the cinder blocks. And thank you for mentioning the rosemary! Mine is scraggly too so I'd better put trimming it on today's to-do list!

    1. Leigh,
      I contacted Bunnings about the herb pots peeling, havent heard back yet. I have tried other plants in the holes of the icnder blocks - the aloe vera got too big. I think the parsley might be just the ticket.

  3. Your stepsons are very lucky to be receiving such lovely herb pots....what a thoughtful gift.
    As always, I am envious of the sexy pink lady....maybe one of these days I can coax one of them to grow in my garden.

    1. Virginia,
      I think so too! You should be able to grow them in your climate.

  4. I have just started "playing" in my herb garden as well, and I cannot believe how big the lemon grass got! I put it in last spring and it was about a foot tall at the time. It's three feet tall now and taking up so much room! I even put two of them in as I had no idea that they would become monsters! One will be moved this weekend for sure.
    The Pink Lady is beautiful. Haven't ever seen anything like it, and I have never heard of mother of herbs. Can you tell me a little about it?

    1. LindaLee,
      Oh yes lemongrass can take over. I love it for the mulch it provides,and that keeps the size in check as well. Mother of herbs is a tropical plant, and tastes a little like oregano with a touch of thyme. It grows like a weed and is very useful in any italian type of meal.


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