Friday, February 21, 2014

Birdbaths and paths

A while back I decided the rhoeo was encroaching too far into the path.  Once I started cutting it back I decided it looked better without it.  So much better with an edging of ground orchids.  I placed a few flat rocks to define the edge.

I think this showcases the orchids more.  I am not sure if I should put some bigger rocks there to hold them up from the path a bit or just more soil.  I like them hanging over but feel a bit more height would look better. 

Out front I also want to define this entrance as more of a pathway, maybe a couple of pavers in the stones?  I put the pots along the sort of curve I want to create, but they might have to be moved when the pavers are put in....Dont you just love my new little birdbath I got for Christmas?  The birds have yet to discover it.....It is right next to a hibiscus which the honeyeaters an butterflies love so maybe it will just take time.

At long last this cutting has taken, the flower is a little like ixora, but it is a no-fuss plant and the butterflies love it.

 These two plants also attract the butterflies and honey-eaters. Firespike and cats whiskers. They are all right alongside my other birdbath outside the bedroom window.  Whenever I look out there is someone taking a bath...
 My crepe myrtle is flowering - I didnt know it was white, but I am pleased it is. It has sent out long arching branches which I was going to prune back, but once it flowered I didnt have the heart to cut them!  Gosh it is a dark jungle behind there - will definitely have to get in there with some loppers soon.


  1. I love the look of your garden with a little bit of this and a little bit of that....yet it all comes together beautifully.
    I also think the pathway looks better without the rhoeos along the edge. The ground orchids will stand up a bit more if you place a slightly bigger rock in front like you suggested.
    My white crepe myrtle is still in the pot from the nursery.....I haven't had the chance to plant it where I want to plant it as yet.
    Our March/April rains should start soon and that would be a better time to transplant.
    Ooh ooh ooh...that birdbath is absolutely BEE-YOO-TEE-FULLLLL!!!

    1. Virginia,
      i have such a variety and sometimes it looks quite messy, but I do love my garden, and I would have a hard time getting rid of perfectly good plants. Yes I might go with a few rocks. I think the crepe myrtle like a good pruning to keep in shape. Now I just have to find some birds that enjoy the birdbath as much as you and I do!

  2. Last year I got more bees, butterflies, even a hummingbird to visit my garden. I think I'll try to get more birds in this year.

  3. Love the stone pavers and the way your garden just flows so beautifully. Orchids and so many exotic flowers all blooming at once, such a paradise you have. The birdbath is beautiful! The red flower (ixora?) is unbelievably beautiful.


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