Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly healthy living catchup and The Science of Happiness

A couple of weeks back (I know, I know, it has been more than a week!) I joined the weekly healthy living catchup with Jenny at onebodyforliving.  I have still been doing all the morning things I started, drinking water, going for a walk etc.
 I have not started anything new, although I have been thinking I want to start putting duct tape over my mouth after dinner.  Is that the only thing that will stop me nibbling on things in the evening?  Does anyone else do this?  My plan is to not eat anything after 7pm, which is about when we finish dinner.  So that is the new habit I want to become a part of my life.  Does anyone else struggle with this?

One aspect of being very healthy I feel is being happy, and I wanted to share this video with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. I don't consciously not eat after around 7 but I find if I do, I feel a bit ill when I go to bed so I just don't. I think you're right about feeling happier when you feel healthier, I know I do.
    Good luck with your new habits.

  2. I loved the video, found myself tearing up when the participants were reading their letters of gratitude aloud. This is a very valuable lesson for me, feeling gratitude for what is good in life instead of lamenting what is not perfect.

    And now on to the food thing.....oh, gosh, I struggle with this too. The biggest problem we have is that since the days are longer right now, we don't come in from working in the gardens until nearly 10PM and then we still have to eat our evening meal. Well, I know that's not good for the digestion and I don't sleep the best after a heavy meal. I've tried to fix this problem by taking a break for supper right in the middle of whatever project we're working on even though it does halt the progress we may (or may not) be making on weeding, mulching, etc. but at least we're not eating right before we go to bed.

    In the wintertime I solved munching after meals by doing something I enjoy with my hands that requires clean hands, such as needlework or stained glass work instead. I think your drinking water is a great tip; I've found that often I would eat something when what I really craved was water. Or a piece of fruit. Someone told me to try the 'apple test' for true hunger, if I was hungry, would an apple satisfy me? If I was truly hungry, then an apple would be great, but if I was craving something, an apple might not appeal to me, but it would differentiate between true hunger or just a craving. (They didn't tell me what to do about the craving though, lol.)

    I think becoming aware of my not so great habits was a big step in the right direction for me. Once I started counting calories, I knew I had to stop eating mindlessly and also for stress relief which was a big problem. I have a doctor's appointment for a check up next week, which I am dreading. Seems they always find something new to fix, lol.

    Keep up the great work, it is hard to adopt new habits, but once we get them in place, it's supposed to become much easier. I'm right there with you, in the same boat! We can do this.

    Hugs, Karen

    1. Hi Karen,
      That is exactly what I got out of that video! that sounds like a great idea to break for dinner instead of waiting until after 10pm. Besides it is always a good idea to sit back and just admire all the work you have done! I am sure that your check-up will have great results with all the walking you have been doing.

  3. I enjoyed the video a lot. Expressing gratitude has always been a good thing for me. Being thankful for what you have in your life, no matter how big or small. That's why I named my blog "So Very Very Thankful."
    A practice that I have stuck to over the years is never to eat anything after 8pm. Someone told me once that our stomachs go to sleep in the early evening, and therefore if we eat late at night when our stomachs are already closed off for the night, then that food remains inside your gut just sitting there until the stomach wakes up in the morning. Even though not technically true, that image remained with me over the years.
    It's easy to stick to this routine at home (except for light snacks like a granola bar), but if I'm going out to dinner, I always request an early reservation so I can stick to my not eating too late routine.
    Also eating late at night can lead to acid reflux as time goes on.
    One more thing I'd like to mention, I had an old headmistress that told us as kids that our stomachs are only as big as a clenched fist, and never to eat more than that. That image has remained with me over the years as well.

    1. Virginia,
      I like that image about your stomach going to sleep - and also the size of the stomach is like a clenched fish, I guess I stretch mine way too much! Two visuals to help me - thank you!

  4. You might be interested in a site that I stumbled on called Zenhabits. Here is an article about the habits of happiness. It's a really good and thought provoking short read :)

    I think the real way to find happiness is to stop looking outside and focus on what is right there in front of you and completely available. If you don't like it either swap it, or find a way to like it. Pretty simple really ;). I spent most of my life obese. When my mother died (also obese) in 2010 it made me truly question my lifestyle. I didn't want to die young! I decided to lose weight through stopping dieting. I just ate healthy things and walked the dog every day and have lost 40kg. I never used to eat breakfast and now I do. I drink a lot of fluids (that fill you up but not a good idea before bed ;) ) and maybe your evening meal isn't filling you up? Add a few more veggie portions to bulk it out and keep you feeling full. You could always try a healthy dessert or some fruit?

    1. thank you for that link - what a great little article. So true and that is what I have been trying is to just add one thing at a time. Congratulations on losing 40 kgs - what an achievement. My evening eating is mindless, not because I am hungry, so maybe that will have to be my next project - mindful eating....

  5. Oh dear, no eating after 7? That's when I really hoe into my fudge. What a trauma to give up evening junk food. Eeek. I wish you the best - you are a brave woman!

    1. Oh Laura that is naughty - now I really really feel like a piece of fudge :)

  6. Ohh wow!
    I wouldn't able to express my gratitude on the spot like that but this video is soo touching and heart-felt.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    I normally have my dinner at about 7.30pm and often suffer having snacks by 10-11pm.
    Often I have a cup of cereal drink and some cases break all the rules and have a chocolate bar!
    Soo.. I think its ok to break the rules once awhile
    What is life if we don't enjoy it.. right?


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