Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Bali bag is done!

My bali bag is done! 

In the end the final sewing didn't take that long, and I am really pleased with it .  I made it smaller than suggested as I wanted it more as a handbag than a tote bag.  I used it all weekend and the bright colors made me feel happy.   I might find it more useful with a lining with pockets, but I liked the idea that you could see the colors inside and out.  I have plans for more, and next time I will take photos and do a tutorial.  This time I felt I was still feeling my way (see the wonky bit around the bottom... oops). 


  1. Its BEAUTIFUL! :) You could sell those incredibly easily :).

  2. This bag is lovely. Sure a pocketed lining seems like a good idea, but they have drawbacks too. Those colours look cool and relaxing/

  3. It looks lovely Gill. I'll wait for tutorial.

  4. Gosh the bag is beautiful, it looks like it was purchased from a store.....great job.
    I love love love love it!!!
    The wonky bit adds to the rustic-ness...I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

  5. i love that bag. i am into making bags between quilt for my grandkids

  6. What wonky bits? Don't see any! The bag is a delight, I'm sure, to see and use. Love the colors!


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