Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fill every inch of space

I think my theory this year has become to fill every inch of space.  Luckily MrFothergills gifted me with lots of seeds, and since I have a small garden I am planting seeds in any empty spot I see. The bok choy is doing very well this year, and I have not been shy with lettuce seeds, scattering them quite thickly.  I tend to like picking the small leaves, so there is no sense in spacing the leafy veggies out to give them room to grow to full size. With the lettuces I cut the outside leaves away, but with the bok choy I cut the middle out and it grows a whole new bunch.  We are having a bit cooler weather than last year, and so the snow peas look as though we might get a good crop this year.  I planted out two trellises.
We have had a lull with pawpaws, I think they like more sunshine, not these overcast days we have been having.  I like to start my day with pawpaw and passionfruit.   One of these days I will have to lop the top off my tall tree so that it will send out branches at an easier to harvest height.
 I got in and cut back all the older stalks of heleconia.  Once they have flowered, they die off, and since they only have a small area I have to try and contain them in that area.
I am really pleased with the edges of the curvy pathways.

We got an umbrella to replace the gazebo, but it throws the shade in weird places, and we miss the big shady area that the gazebo provided.
Still though, hanging out in the garden is simply the best place to be.


  1. When you're satisfied with your garden, it absolutely is the best place to be! No need to even go away on vacation. Your jungle looks good!

  2. The garden is looking fantabulous!
    You'll soon get accustomed to the umbrella. Maybe in time you can get another gazebo if the umbrella really bothers you.
    I had no idea that bok choy would regrow if the middle was cut out. I'm going to experiment. I love bok choy....use it all the time.

  3. Your garden really does look lovely! How beautiful you've made it. I will try your trick with bok choi which I can grow on the allotment.

  4. Your garden is so lush and jungley. I can imagine that at times the plants get a little too feisty. The curving path really is inviting, and your plants are so diverse and interesting.

  5. You're an inspiration to people with small (or normal) gardens everywhere. All year long you show us such gorgeous photos of amazing plants - even during some challenging weather conditions.

  6. So true Alison!
    thanks Kathy.
    I think it is change we don't like... I remember having to adapt to the gazebo :)
    thank you, funny how bok choy grows well in so many different climates.
    In this climate mostly gardening consists of cutting things back lol!
    Awww! :) I am really blessed to live here where things grow without much help. (other than vegetables)

  7. Just stunning! Love that curvy path.

  8. Your garden so shapely and neat! Wow!! I love the varieties. The corner with the anthuriums is lovely. Love to see their blooms popping up in the shade like that :-D Happy cooking bok choy! With this vege, I usually just stir-fry it with garlics.

  9. I love your garden. It's so true about it being the most beautiful place you can be. I can just get lost in thought while working with the soil and all. It's great therapy.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your garden looks great and every inch of space made useful. Your bok choy are looking great in the first photo. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


  11. Your garden is looking lovely! I am very envious of your beautiful paw paws. I use the same theory for planting :) if there is a gap fill it.

  12. I really love what you said about being in the garden is the best place to be.
    I just can't get enough in mine.
    There is so many things to do that there is just not enough time to do all of it.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I so agree... in the garden is the best place to be. And you've made such a lovely one. I always enjoy seeing your garden... filled with lovelies that I can't grow.

  14. Hi Lyn,
    Yes I think that curvy path is my favorite part of the garden.
    Hi Stephanie,
    thank you, yes that is how I cook bok choy as well, and the small leaves are good in a salad too.
    Hi LindaLee,
    Oh gosh yes time just flies when I am out in the garden all day, and I suddenly remember I was going to clean the bathrooms etc.
    If there is an empty spot you can be sure a weed will be quick to fill it up!
    I am looking forward to hearing about your Italy trip, lucky you!
    It does seem as though it never all gets done.
    That's the reason I love visiting yours - aren't we a funny lot?

  15. "..I so agree... in the garden is the best place to be. And you've made such a lovely one. I always enjoy seeing your garden... filled with lovelies that I can't grow."

    Couldn't agree more!

  16. It is such a pleasure to see your garden! You use a lot of the same plants that I enjoy here, plus many new-to-me ones. I'm one of those people who clicks on your pictures so I can see them even closer!

  17. Absolutely agree with you about the garden being the place to be. I can't end my day without having a glass of wine or cup of coffee with my wife. Weather permitting, of course. It is even better on Friday and Saturday evenings because our children can stay up and join us.

  18. Its a fabulous back yard!! I love the path too, and never having seen the pergola, I think the umbrella looks great!- K xx


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