Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little craftiness - Bali Bag

A couple of months ago, while we were having a little holiday down in Brisbane, my very good friend gave me a kit to make a bali bag.  I never seem to have the time to sit down and sew, but Monday was a holiday and  I decided not to put it off any longer.
The kit has such gorgeous fabric that I thought I would try the technique out first with some scrap fabric from my stash.   Look at the little basket I made :)
 First of all you cut long strips, sew them together and then fold them over cotton washing line, sewing into a long strip of cotton covered rope.  Then you begin to coil and sew with a large zig zag stitch.  I still need to work on my tension -my cheap little sewing machine was quite stressed.  Hubby made the suggestion that a nice new sewing machine might be on the list for a future birthday present :)   I mentioned that Spotlight have Brother sewing machines on half price specials at time to time ;)  I learnt to sew at 10 on my mothers sewing machine, and remember a little tune I used to sing "bother the brother....." when I had tension issues. I am sure the new sewing machines are much better.
 I  wanted to try out the handle technique I had seen before, and all in all am quite happy with how much fun it was and now feel ready to cut into the yummy bali cotton.
The strips were cut and sewn together and then while I watched TV the first fold was made.  Aren't those colors gorgeous?  I will do a tutorial while I make up the next bag, and post it here.  My new bag is turning out to be useful to have next to my chair to keep ongoing projects at hand (along with my glasses)
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  1. What a beautiful basket; well done!

  2. This is amazing. Your yard look like a Malaysian yard ;)

    The climate is similar?

  3. What a beautiful basket!!...Im looking forward to your tutorial post soon:)

  4. What a pretty basket. Had never heard of the term Bali bag. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  5. It's lovely - I had seen these and not had the courage to try it. Now I really want to!

  6. Wow, that is an amazing project, and it turned out beautifully too.
    Did you finish it all in one day?
    Your hubby is a treasure...very thoughtful of him to suggest a new sewing machine.

  7. I love beautiful things that are also practical - and something you make yourself is icing on the cake!

  8. Such a beautiful basket. Look forward to seeing the tutorial.

  9. thank you Thistle cove farm.
    Forskning beta,
    Yes our climate is very similar to your Malaysian climate.
    Simple living,
    I love to learn new crafts and this has been fun so far.
    I had never heard of them before either, now I have seen all sorts of wonderful ideas - this might become an obsession.
    Catherine, It is way simpler than I thought it would be.
    Yes it went very fast actually.
    Quite so, making something that doesnt have any use just seems a waste of time.
    stay in touch

  10. Great looking basket. I like how open and sturdy it is, I look forward to reading your blog and tutorial (I heard about you via the comments section on the Down to earth blog).

  11. Such a pretty basket-- I couldn't do that in a million years!! You did a wonderful job in crafting the basket--- you'll find something wonderful to use it for I bet!

    Thank you for stopping by to see me-- your visit means the world to me:)

  12. Candice,
    Nice to meet you! Yes that is what I liked about it too! That is where I find a lot of wonderful new to me blogs too!
    so far it is very useful for holding whatever I am working on at the time.

  13. Love your basket and you're so smart to do a practice piece---and it's cute too! I hope your hubby remembers that new machine idea at your birthday. Sounds like he's a keeper!

    1. Lesa,
      I really didn't want to mess up the good fabric, but the whole process is easier than I thought it would be! I never seem to have much time for sewing, so wonder if it would be worth buying a new machine.

  14. That basket is gorgeous!
    Hello! I see you often, commenting on other blogs I read, but (for some reason) have never ventured to yours.... here I am, and I love it :) Looking forward to a tutorial on this.... my brother sewing machine is my best friend this week, I'd love to give this a go too.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      thanks for visiting and commenting. That might take a while to get he tutorial up and running. I like the times when I am friends with my sewing machine.

  15. Love it! So sweet and simple - perfect for sewing bits and pieces.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Yes I can see how this could become addictive (if only I had more time...) I have just done a post about healthy living - your weekly linkup came at just the right time!

  16. Ooohhh the basket is nice !
    gr Mieke


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