Friday, May 3, 2013

I blame it on the moon

Ever since I put the little moon badge on my blog I have been noticing how fast time flies.  I have had all sorts of blog posts forming in my mind, but not got around to posting them...
One is about how I cut back and weeded the area alongside the swimming pool.  The lemon grass makes lovely mulch, now hopefully I can keep it looking neat and tidy.
 Along with the lemongrass, there are other herbs for use by any of the local residents.  There are a couple of cherry tomato plants, sawtooth coriander, a couple of basil plants, and this plant, mother of herbs, which is a little like oregano, a little like thyme, in fact very much like a bouquet garni, in a  tropical package.  I am hoping it will spread all over as a ground cover, keeping the weeds out of the garden.
Then I also thought about writing about the colour in the garden.  this little section always brings a smile to my face.
Even the area behind the gate is settling down and looking  nice, although it does need a bit more colour, after I took away the wooden arch and cleared away some excess plants.
 Then also I could write about the veggie garden, and how I planted a million bok choy seeds, and every one of them germinated.   No worries though, as I love the tender leaves in salads, so they get whisked off to the salad bowl as soon as they start to grow up.  Thanks again to Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm for the seeds I got ages ago on a seed swap.
 My cucumbers are looking great - much higher and healthier on this side of the trellis than on the other side - I wonder if it is because this side gets more sunshine?   I don't think so, but will keep an eye on that over the weekend.
Both sides were planted at the correct time for moon planting, but I suppose if I don't have a control how will I know if it is working or not.  Oops that reminds me, I better plant some more radishes as the moon is waning....  The moon waits for no gardener.


  1. such lovely photos-I really enjoyed them-we are getting a touch of wintry weather again-sigh

  2. It's all looking terrific. That lemon grass does look like it's great mulch. You're doing a fabulous job of looking after the garden around the pool.

    I just love the Impatiens and Coleus combination, with the red Anthurium in the background. That is a great corner of colour.

    I think the area beside the gate is wonderful just as it is. You've got some beautiful foliage plants growing there.

    We're starting to get some slightly cooler daytime weather down here now, and it's easy to spend almost the whole day out in the garden on the weekends. It's wonderful.

  3. Your bok choy looks so healthy...happy eating.
    The pool area is looking great, doesn't it feel good to get that chore off your gardening "to do" list?
    We have that herb here too, and it's used for everyday cooking...very easy to grow.

  4. I love your attitude towards planting things the neighbourhood can share: both to eat and just to look at. I want you to come live on my street!

  5. How lovely to have you as a neighbor. I do love your herb garden. I do not plant lemon grass as they remind me of wild grass (lalang)and is also available very cheaply from Tesco which is close by.


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