Monday, April 22, 2013

Wandering through the garden, camera in hand

I had a little time over the weekend to plant out some of my little seedlings, and give the garden a good drink of seaweed tea.   The honeyeaters have a great time when there are little droplets of water of the plants, and they seem to chatter back and forth excitedly - way too fast for my camera.  In the shady area alongside the path this lovely little bush has started flowering.  I have forgotten what it is called, so for now it is just the white butterfly bush.
 It doesn't really attract butterflies, but the flowers remind me of a butterfly. I used to have a plant with blue flowers just like this when I lived and gardened in Florida USA.
 I also have another plant settling in - it is like a mini caladium.  These areas of white are great in the shady garden - they seem to pop right out at you.
 The pink ginger is going great guns, and in fact I still have to cut some of these branches back as it is quite overgrown.  They always look a little dirty, though.
Also in the shady area is this red  antirrhinum - I sometimes have to pinch myself when I think that I am growing these very exotic flowers right here in my own backyard!
 The weather is lovely - the humidity has died right down, so it is a real pleasure to be outside in the garden.  Isn't this cordeline beautiful as it unfolds in the morning sun?  As the leaves age they turn to a rich deep burgundy.
I don't think there is anything in life much more pleasurable than wandering through the garden, camera in hand, admiring Gods creation.


  1. You do have a great and awesome garden..

  2. LOVELY blooms throughout your garden.
    I had no idea there was a white butterfly bush. I have a small blue one in my garden given to me recently by one of my gardening buddies.
    Now I'm going to be on the search for the white one. Yours is beautiful.
    The rain is finally falling here, so I'm looking forward to lots of growth in my garden.
    I am always marveling at God's creations......everyday.

  3. I do love your tropical garden and all of those lovely plants. They look so lush and healthy. I particularly like the butterfly bush!

  4. Majority of plants you show on your blog we in Poland grow as indoor plants. For example, this antirrhinum is a very popular plant in Poland and it's colloquial name is "the revenge of the mother-in-law" :) But I don't know really why.


  5. Who cares what the official name is of your butterfly plant - it's the most beautiful thing I've seen. Talk about wow factor!

  6. what I would not give to have such pretty things in my garden right now! If I want to wander and take photos of anything living, I have to stay in the greenhouse!
    thank you for the kind words for my dad! hugs!

  7. Wow! Beautiful Pictures! Keep 'em coming! - K xx

  8. Hello from Texas...Your photos of the flowers are beautiful!
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Your white butterfly flower or what is called Clerodendrum wallichi, common name, Bridal Veil is looking so lush and gorgeous. I have a few bushes of this plant but the flowers are not as plentiful. I envy yours.

  10. daddyisgroovy,
    thank you
    Yes I had the blue one before, but am amazed how well this one is doing in deep shade. It really brightens up this corner.
    Thank you, I am lucky to live here.
    Oh that is funny, maybe because they stick around for so long? I had a wonderful, very sweet mother-in-law so that doesn't apply here!
    Oh thank you, you are so kind.
    It is pretty awesome.
    You certainly achieve greatness in your greenhouse!
    Practical frog,
    I still need to get out there and do some clearing away.
    hello from Australia. Thank you.
    that sounds about right - I don't know why those Latin names do not stick in my head! It is in quite a shady spot.

  11. Beautiful! Enjoyed the excursion!

  12. You have a gorgeous garden! Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. You have the most admirable plants Africanaussie! The butterfly bush, I have not seen the flowers all open hanging in a bunch like this. Thanks for quick snapping, that photo of the beautiful butterfly blossoms is awesome :-D And of course that pink ginger is so so sweet. Pinch yourself again hehe...

  14. Rachel,
    glad you enjoyed it
    You are welcome
    I do often pinch myself and remind myself how lucky I am to live here.


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