Monday, April 15, 2013

Finding treasures in the garden and bringing them inside

As I mentioned previously, the back section was getting rather overgrown, so I ventured into the heleconia/ginger section with my loppers.   Heleconia stalks flower and then die, so I decided to cut back some of the flowering branches and bring them inside. These red heleconias are my favourite, and I am so glad that they are now flowering profusely.  I need to figure out how to divert the new shoots so that they remain inside the bed, and I think continually cutting away the dying branches will allow the room for them to stay contained.
 There is still way more to cut back, but for now I am enjoying flowers in the house.   The sexy pink ladies are so hard to put into an arrangement - maybe it would have looked better with another one in the center instead of the cordeline.
 I was cutting back the lemongrass and found this tiny creature -  his skin had a metallic sheen to it.  I am still trying to find a way to make the perfect lemongrass tea.  I dried some leaves and will use those as well as the crushed base next time.  I was spoiled with a massage for my birthday and the Thai lady massaging me recommended boiling the tea for a few minutes to get the most flavour.  Do you also find gardening creeping into every conversation?
 I also moved most of the ground orchids around to the front of the bed - all the better to see them than around the side.  I put some of this fern,  a beehive ginger, and quite a few heleconia plants aside for a friend who is creating a new garden.  I love being able to share my garden around.

I removed the wooden trellis behind the gate and replaced it with a tepee, and after stomping around on that bed cutting things back it all looks a little sad at the moment so you will have to wait awhile for the great reveal.
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  1. Beautifully coloured flowering plants. I think your arrangement of the Bird of Paradise looks stunning.

  2. They are my favourite flowers but as much as I try I can't grow them here anywhere near as well as you can in the tropics. They are spectacular. They deserve to be on display in your home.

  3. What great flower arrangements Gill!
    I just take a couple of leaves from my lemon grass shrub, twist them into a bunch, put in the teapot and pour boiling water over them, let seep a couple of minutes and serve.
    I love lemongrass, the smell is amazing.

  4. Loved your flower arrangements. You are so lucky to have sexy pink ladies growing profusely in your garden, they're beautiful.
    Lemon grass tea is what helped me get over the flu last year. I prepared it just like Sami said above.

  5. Isn't a garden just plain wonderful? I love getting out and working in mine and finding all kinds of great things as well. Spring is always a time of joy. Your flowers are beautiful.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  6. Yep, you have some really beautiful plants and your arrangements would pass muster in the best establishments round the world, but that frog photo wins hands down. I do love frogs!

  7. I love having flowers inside Even if they are not anything special (like the marigolds on the kitchen bench at the moment)

  8. Beautiful flowers. You arrangement is absolutely stunning.
    For your lemon grass tea I remember my mom boiling the leaves to get the most flavor. She would make a little bundle with the leaves and tie them with another piece of leaf.

  9. I love looking at your tropical garden, so different to what we have down here. I get those little frogs here too in the agapanthus.

  10. Joyful,
    thank you. I think the bird of paradise is a different plant, a strelitzia. I have that, but it has not flowered for me yet.
    they seem to take some time to settle in and flower. Last year I only had one flower on the red heleconia.
    I do that too, but wanted a stronger flavour.
    That is why I decided to bring them in, because the garden is so overgrown!
    Thank you, and welcome!
    I thought you would like the frog!
    I used to always have an arrangement, but stopped for some reason.
    Thank you Martha, yes i will try to boil it next time.
    Oh yes those are similar leaves.

  11. Dearest africanaussie,
    Wow, I DID enjoyed this post♬♬♬
    Your Heleconia stalks flowers are SO beautiful and the arrangement of the second picture with pink flower is gorgeous♡♡♡ And of course I'm proud of you for your beautiful purple ground orchids and how you arranged with others with them(*^_^*) I always admire your wonderful effort and looking forward to see your admirable garden.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  12. Oh my-- your garden photos are stunning!!! You have a beautiful green thumb and a true passion for gardening!! I'm so happy to meet you again-/ thanks for stopping by!! Fingers crossed you have good luck in the contest!

    Yes-- I did a quick drive by to all the blogs during my GYB party- just checking them out-/ but I got way behind going back to leave comments-- it was a daunting task!!

    Your blog is beautiful-/ I love all of the wonderful quotes on your sidebar--



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