Thursday, April 18, 2013

A kookaburra keeping an eye on my veggie patch

We often used to get kookaburra's sitting on the fence posts, but since my neighbour decided to grow a hibiscus hedge that towers above the fence, we have not had our regular visitors. We have them in the area since we are alongside a creek and every evening is filled with them calling to each other - roll call I suppose!    I don't think there is a more Australian sound, and their laughing just makes me smile.
Yesterday I went around the corner to water my seedlings, and saw, perched on one of my new veggie supports .... A kookaburra!
 He was not worried about my presence, and I was glad to see that my plant supports remained firm and stable.
 He was looking up into the tree, I am not sure what he was looking at.

 then he got bored with posing and turned his back on me.
I am always pleased to see birds in my backyard, and glad that they now have a new place to perch as they survey the surrounding area. 


  1. Aren't they the coolest birds! We have a couple of families that fly around our back garden shouting for all their worth. I especially love when 2 or 3 of them sit in the tree, neck extended, cackling at whatever it is that amuses them so.

    Great photos!

  2. What a fine, handsome fellow he is! Great photos!

  3. He has placed you on "Operation Ignore!"
    I loved his feathers, he seems to be on a mission that only he knows about.

  4. When kookas come into our yard, they always seem to choose the rotary clothesline as a perch. They are wonderful birds, and we're always glad to see them.

  5. How beautiful! We get a lot of birds visiting our garden, but not kookaburras. They seem to appear more in the Hills area of Perth, which is close to forests.

  6. The kookaburra is such a cool looking bird. You captured its image so well. What does it feed on in your garden?

  7. He is such a good looking guy! watching out for bugs, a great thing to have in the garden,

  8. simply beautifully captured shots... lovely!

  9. Laura,
    I do love them! we always have one or two in the area, but they are most active early morning or late afternoon.
    thank you!
    Sometimes they seem to just be sitting doing nothing, and then they will suddenly make a dart for some tasty morsel.
    they do seem to have their favourite spots. I bet they can see your whole yard from there so they don't miss anything.
    Oh that is interesting, since here they do choose more open spots to hang out in. Not as open as around your area though.
    I am not sure what he is looking for in our garden. I have seen one eat one of my precious earthworms though:)
    I didn't see this one eat anything.
    thank you!

  10. You do have a great guard for your vegetable patch in the being of kookaburra.

  11. He is a fine specimen isn't he? He will be a great help in the garden too! - k xx

  12. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.
    How nice to have a Kookaburra in your garden!
    It's one of my favourite Aussie birds; I never miss a chance to take his portrait when I get there.
    Great pictures!


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