Monday, March 25, 2013

Will this rainy season ever end?

Just like winter is never ending over in Europe and America, so our rainy season is dragging on, well beyond its welcome.  We had the remains of a cyclone head onshore over the weekend, and on Saturday alone had 66mm of rain.  Too much for our already soaked ground!!!  My little seedlings that I planted would like some sunshine and their long leggy growth is not making for very strong plants.  I might have to rig up a light for them - can you believe that?  In the tropics?
I looked out on Sunday morning to see that my tree fern had become uprooted.   The ground too soggy to support its shallow root base.
I took that as an opportunity to re-think that section of the garden, and it is now planted further back alongside the fence.  That spaces the curry tree, the fan palm, the fluted fan palm and the tree fern all along the fence nicely.  I did not have the path around the tree when first planning this section and so had it as a rainforest clump, rather than a long bed against the fence.  So in a  way the tree fern falling over was a good thing.   It is now tied and supported between the fence and a stake, and the fence should add a bit of protection against the wind.

I suppose a landscape designer would have planned all that nicely, but I am continually finding new plants I want to make room for, or adding paths, or fine-tuning the arrangement of plants so that each one can be happy in its own space.   I moved over some Easter lilies in front of the tree fern - I hope they flower for Easter, although it is only a week to go, and once again I think they need a little bit more of that evasive sunshine in order to flower.
 In the middle bed I cut back a huge amount of the electric fern, and put the maidenhair fern up on a stand.  There are still lots of fallen leaves, but the mulcher only likes dry leaves - I wonder how long it will be until we have dry leaves...
The lime tree is doing much better out in the open where it can catch any small rays of sunshine it can find.
I hope as this system moves off that we can have some clear skies to dry out this sodden ground.


  1. It's a sign of a true gardener when you can turn a garden disaster into a garden opportunity as quickly as that! Let's hope some global shift in weather patterns soon will bring better weather to both our parts of the planet. -Jean

  2. That's the question I've been asking for months :-( But at last I think it is warming up. Your garden looks so lush and green despite the rain. Plants do grow a lot quicker in the tropics. I think I only consciously realized it from one of your posts. So nice to see ;-)

  3. Water water everywhere for Queensland. Your garden looks like a tropical paradise at present, full of colourful life. Do not fret for a second about what a professional garden designer or architect might have done. A real garden has personality and vibrancy. It is an extension of the mind of the gardener. A professionally planned garden is often a stilted affair with no words of its own, merely a recording.

  4. I hope your tree fern settles back in nicely. Some plants hate to be moved, but I think it will enjoy its new home where it has new friends to talk
    You are complaining about all the rain you are having, and we are as dry as a desert here...hope our rain comes soon.
    Hope your earth dries out soon, so you can get started on your gardening.

  5. All things in moderation - if only we could explain this concept to the weather gods! Hang in there, it's got to dry up some time (doesn't it???).

  6. Jean,
    I would never have dug it up and moved it but think it looks far better in its new spot.
    Often I get to one end of my small garden and look back to where I recently weeded and they have grown again! sigh!
    they do have some good points though - having the taller plants at the back has showcased the smaller ones in front. Sometimes I think my garden has too many words ;)
    Virginia - I will send some over... yes I am anxious to get going on the veggie patch but not until it dries out a bit.
    I tend to always get a little antsy at this time of year, and records show that if I wait, things turn out better in the end!

  7. Hop you have many sunshine coming soon.
    Same here sometime we suddenly have heavy heavy rain and this week many of our banana plants toppled.

  8. Malay Kadazan,
    Oh no! I think once a banana plant falls over that is the end of it - you cant replant them. I saw a rainbow coming into work today and am pinning my hopes on that being the end of the rain !

  9. OMGosh! It is so nice to see an established garden with plants all nice and filled out! Your garden certainly says love and lots of it!!! :D It is all so beautiful... tell you what, I'll send you some snow and you send me some rain, LOL!
    Beth P

  10. Well the wet season certainly missed us this year, even though we're not that far south of you.

    The tree fern looks quite at home in its new location. Everything is looking fabulous, as if it was meant to be! It looks like you've got a great crop of limes on your tree.

  11. Oh no Elizabet, you can keep your snow! the rain was enough for me lol
    that is strange - I thought that you were also getting rain. I think we probably have our normal quota now albeit a little late. I have start thinking about pruning sometime - not sure about that!

  12. I dont need an end to the rain - not too keen on the drought that is sure to follow all this rain - Just a break from it would be nice... - K xx


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