Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunshine brings out the butterflies and rainbows

Wow! today there was a bit of sunshine.  I felt a change in my spirit as I drove to work (camera-less) chasing a beautiful colourful rainbow that always seemed illusively just ahead of me.  Could all this dreary rainy weather be coming to an end?  Gosh I hope so!
Then my hubby sent me some photos of the butterfly activity going on in my garden.  Ulysses butterflies are SO hard to photograph as they tend to close their  wings when they feed.  Maybe these were drunk on sunshine after all the rain.  Spreading open their wings to catch every last drop of it!
 Here there is just a glimpse of the iridescent blue.
 There was a whole colony of them in these bushes alongside the pool.
Greedily sucking up the nectar.
 Showing off their lovely colours.
 Look at the dangly ends to the wings - so beautiful :)
Gosh I sure hope they have found my Uodia tree to deposit some eggs, and we can once again witness butterfly birth in my garden. I have started some slips of this plant in my garden, but of the reddish orange one - they seem to prefer the yellow. The flower is similar to an ixora.   I will be keeping a close eye out for caterpillars.
My patient hubby is the best butterfly photographer!  


  1. Your darling hubby got some absolutely fabulous shots. They are just the most beautiful butterflies, and I know how hard they are to capture as they dart around so quickly.

    Glad to hear you're getting some sunshine up there. I think we could share loads more of it with you!

  2. Fantastic butterfly pictures. They are stunning.

  3. Motyle są przepiękne i cudowne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Butterflies are beautiful and wonderful pictures. Yours.

  4. What gorgeous photos of even more GORGEOUS butterflies.
    That iridescent blue colour is stunning.
    Nice hubby to cheer you up with such lovely photos.

  5. I think that shrub has to be related to the ixora in some way, it looks just like it.

  6. Oh my god! It's the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen!

  7. Dearest Africanaussie,
    Wow, I truly am thankful for your wonderful photographer husband♡♡♡ 
    What a beautiful Ulysses butterflies and iridescent blue wings are gorgeous(^_^)彡☆
    It sure is pity that you missed the chance of taking the pictures of rainbow, my friend.

    Thank you very much for stopping by, I was so happy. And I hope you are having a wonderful week.

    Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  8. Wow, what fantastic butterflies. Well done to your husband for capturing those pictures. I hope the weather is set to be better for you now.

  9. Oh my, I love tropical gardens and these photos are just lovely. Starting the day with a smile on my face...

  10. Bernie,
    It looks set to be a wonderful weekend - lots of gardening I hope. clearly the flowers and butterflies enjoy the sunshine too.
    Tracy, Giga and Virginia,
    Thank you!
    The leaves are different and it grows so much easier than an Ixora - I really have to do some research.
    I think so too!
    There was another rainbow this morning.
    they are lovely - I am sure the weather has turned.
    I am so glad I could bring a smile to your face

  11. Come on, does your husband really take these amazing photos or is he the master of photoshop? These are amazing.

    I think your rains must be over - the butterflies and flowers sure look ready for it anyway.

    Enjoy all that beauty and sunshine.

  12. Wow, isn't she stunning! What a beauty. A patient man, your hubby! :)

  13. What beautiful captures of gorgeous butterflies! Thanks for letting me know. A great joy to see. I would think you can thank the rain for the butterflies having their wings open to the warm sunshine. Hopefully you will find caterpillars. ;>)

  14. I caught my breath when I saw the first butterfly photo and the rest just kept getting better and better. What a beautiful sight. Tell your husband he is a wonderful photographer!

  15. Absolutely fabulous. I remember when I saw a couple of those butterflies on a holiday up north a couple of years ago. I was soooo excited. But a colony in your backyard. Fantastic!

  16. Oh my! What heavenly butterflies! And wouldn't you know they'd come while you are at work? That's my luck. So nice your sweet hubby was home to capture the excitement! Here's hoping for tiny eggs on those leaves...

  17. I'm adding to the crowd of delighted people to see your butterflies! How wonderful! Thank you and to your husband!

  18. The blues in that butterfly are amazing. Nice pics with nice shots of color from the butterfly and blooms.

  19. How cool! And good shots!!. When I see butterflies (usually one or two in my case), I just don't have my camera at hand. And when I get hold of it, the butterfly is gone. You have a great day.

  20. I am stunned by those gorgeous butterflies!!! They are absolutely beautiful. I have never seen them before. Thank you for sharing and educating this little brain:)

  21. No, Laura - no editing other than cropping, and he uses my old camera!
    Christine - he sure is (he puts up with me too!)!
    Carol, yes I have my eye out for catterpillars, and this year there seem to be mroe butterlfies than ever.
    Karen, we have never been able to get these ones to sit still, but they seem a bit lethargic this year :)
    It is awesome to catch the glint of bright blue flashing around isnt it?
    They are flying aorund all over since then, it is a great year for butterfleis.
    you are welcome, glad you enjoyed them.
    thanks imagebloke
    yes neither the blooms or the butterflies are short on colur are they?
    Stephanie, that is how it normally is with me too!
    Glad you enjoyed them.

  22. Such stunning butterflies. Your husband did a very good job. I've both these ixoras but they don't attract such gems like yours.

  23. Wow brilliant. Love the contrast colour of the butterfly wings and the ixora bloom.


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