Friday, March 15, 2013

Slow blogger 15th of the month

Catherine from Knotted Cotton has this lovely snail badge on her blog, and I couldn't resist partaking
and I think rather than slow,  I am a bit of an erratic blogger, but I do like the idea of just blogging when I have something to say - certainly not on any type of schedule.  I clicked on a  couple of links when looking at this slow blogger idea and came across a lovely little design on a mini quilt.  I have a project I want to start working on, and need to try a few stitches and ideas, so this little cushion sounded like the perfect place to start.  I wish I could find the original design so that I could give credit where it is due.
I am not a perfectionist, and will go to great lengths so that I don't have to unpick anything, so excuse the imperfection.
I also took part in a  craft swap and I sent a bag like this all the way to Scotland.
 It folds up into its own little pocket which I find rather clever.
They make great little gifts, useful and pretty.  


  1. Thanks so much for joining in! Linky up and running now. I really love your cushion. Could it be this?! If so, I'm really glad you did your own lovely take on it!:-)

  2. Loved the cushion and the fold-up bag...what a lovely idea.
    I haven't had the chance to craft or sew anything recently, so I'll enjoy yours.

  3. Love the idea of a 'slow blogger' ...I think I one of those too!

  4. That little pillow is adorable. And I really love your bag! I haven't seen one like that and I think it's really clever. I'm thinking several of these would be nice to use for grocery shopping, if the fabric was strong enough. The sprawled and messy collection of bags in the back of my car is, according to my husband, appalling!

  5. Bonjour!!
    Après la visite à votre blogue, Je l’ai trouvé très interessant et agréable!!
    Félicitations par votre travail!!
    Salutations de l’Algarve au Portugal!!

    Je vous invite à visiter mon blog

  6. oh goodness, what wisdom! I too am a slow blogger but am, mostly, doing the best I can do. so be it.

  7. Catherine,
    Yes - thank you that was my inspiration!
    I do go in stages, but I think the crafty time is over and I will be back in the garden from now on!
    It sounds very low pressure, which I like!
    My hubby is always tidying up after me. :)
    I am glad you enjoyed my blog - welcome!
    Thistle cove,
    that is what I enjoy the most about blogging, is that I can share what I want, when I want - no pressure.

  8. Your bag is clever - looks like you had a good Spring swap. Betty x

  9. Your bag is clever - looks like you had a good Spring swap. Betty x

  10. Love my new bag - it's had many outings - was just wondering whether your parcel had arrived? Let me know if it hasn't and I'll make enquiries this end. Have a great week.x


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