Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just coasting along in the edible garden

There is nothing much exciting going on in the veggie garden at the moment other than weeding and cutting back.  I wanted to build up to a maintenance free garden and I guess I have done just that.  I put down a lot of hay mulch to keep the weeds at bay.  Once the wet season starts the weeds grow overnight.
So other than the ongoing weeding, and cutting back of old growth to allow the new growth room to develop, gardening consists of sitting in the swing and admiring it all.
 I also have some bigger tomatoes coming up. I think they are the tropic tomatoes that I got from  MrFothergills - I am trying to save the seeds - at the moment they are fermenting to remove the outer membrane and then they will be dried and stored.  I am always on a  quest to find wilt resistant tomatoes, and saving seeds that have built up a resistance in my own garden is a good way to start.
Just a few weeks ago my lime tree was covered in blossoms - it looks as though I might get limes :)
There was a bit of rust or something on the lychee tree, and now I wonder if there is a bug infecting them....
I have harvested the odd choko, but it looks as though there might be more to come.  Yeah I am looking forward to having something growing through the wet season.
The asparagus got a load of nice fresh seaweed mulch.  The purple asparagus is so much bigger and fatter and healthier than the crowns I planted at the same time.   This plant also has seeds - any idea if they would grow?
I am never quite sure what will survive the wet season, but am trying to extend the growing season a bit longer this year, and have cucumbers, eggplant and capsicums just starting -
The kale was my surprise this year - I never thought it would do that well and it has been surprisingly pest free.  Just the little green grasshoppers that get on everything.  Next year I think I want to try cavalo nero - it looks so impressive :0
I used the regular hay mulch instead of the much more expensive sugar cane mulch which is nice and fine.  It looks a bit messy, but does the job.  I have one pathway weeded..and the shade-cloth up.


  1. I don't know whether asparagus seed is viable or not. I'm a real novice with growing it. I haven't seen any seeds on mine so it's worth a try. The problem I have is that I forget to check for new sprouts during the week and by the weekend they've turned into long fronds, so I miss out on eating it.

    1. Roz,
      I have the same problem - have just cut back all the fronds so that I can see what is going on - hopefully we can have an asparagus salad on the Christmas menu!

  2. Uwielbiam jeść szparagi. Dziękuję za miłe odwiedziny. Pozdrawiam.
    I love to eat asparagus. Thank you for your kind visit. Yours.

  3. I'm not sure if the asparagus seed will grow but I do know the longer it's in the patch, the more of it will spread. It has been a slower growing plant for me but it's always reliable once established. Your plants sound like fun:) Good luck:)

    1. Rohrerbot.
      I thought as it got older the spears would be thicker, but some plants just never get thick stalks.

  4. I hope you get lots of limes.....for marinades and cool refreshing lemonade and lemon meringue pie.
    Try a systemic like Bravo for your lychee tree to save it from that dreaded rust spot.
    Isn't it good when after all your hard work in the garden, you can just sit back and relax....enjoy!

    1. Virginia,
      we do seem to have quite a few getting bigger day by day. I have been anxiously waiting to be able to nip out into the garden and pick a lime whenever I needed it.

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  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a rose by any other name, I don't see "messy", I see nature. Your garden is amazing - edibles and ornamentals vie for weeds that look a lot like healthy beautiful plants to me!

    1. Laura,
      oh you are always so kind about my natural garden. some of those weeds can very aggressive here though.

  7. I use hay for mulch in the veggie garden, too and really like how it works. I've never heard of purple asparagus before but it's quite pretty. I wonder if it tastes differently than the green. The white is so much better than the green.

    1. Susan,
      I don't mind the hay as a mulch but it seems so course and hard to tuck around the plants. Also it always looks messy. the price is right though. I dont really notice a difference in the flavour. The white has been protected from sunlight to blanch it.

  8. Dearest Africanaussie,
    Oh, "maintenance free garden" I DO hope your hay mulch will work to keep the weed at bay, as you said. Good news for the lime; haha, I've never heard of choko and seen them. I checked with PC and found that it is a kind of gourd. Sure looks like them. Also never seen purple asparagus either, wow!!! Good Luck for the wet season, my Aussie friend(^_^)v
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

    1. Miyako,
      Choko is more like a type of squash - also called chayote this link gives you a lot more information. The garden got a good watering overnight so everything is fresh and green this morning.

  9. I've used hay mulch this year too. As you say, it isn't as pretty but it is cheaper and does the job. You've inspired me to try growing asparagus. I have been thinking about trying but haven't yet.

    1. Chez,
      Oh I hope your asparagus does well. I found that the crowns I bought did not do as well as the seeds, although they really are the same age. I keep saying I am going to start some more seeds. It looks as though you have the space.


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