Monday, September 24, 2012

Foliage follow up for September.

While I was watering the garden the back light behind these burgundy and red plants caught my eye - not sure that the beauty of the scene really shows up in the photo.  

The rex begonia are beautiful when they flower, but then the leaves themselves are a delight too - not sure if the back of the leaf is even prettier than the front. 

 I love the red stems on this pink and green variegated plant.  It was pretty much crushed when the tree was pruned but has come back better than ever.
 this is such a pretty little coleus - it keeps popping up every where and I don't mind one bit!
This caladiums leaves are the biggest I have ever seen, and I love the curly edges.
The sunshine on the reddish pink leaves of the cordeline were just waiting to be photographed.
I am in love with the red and pink foliage in our garden:
I thought since I eventually got around to taking some foliage photos I would link it to Pam at Digging  who hosts foliage follow up, although I am a bit late for the month.


orchid said...

Dearest Africanaussie,
Yes, your burgundy and red plants look Gorgeous in your picture♡♡♡ And other tropical plants (coleus, caladiums, etc) as well! Thanks for the word "variegate"(^^;)
I enjoyed the beautiful colors of your plants today♬♬♬
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Stiletto said...

Yes, the cordyline and other red foliage add lovely accents to the garden where most foliage are shades of green.

laurarittenhouse said...

The colours are beautiful. I'm sure in person they are even better. You have such an amazing garden and it's fantastic that you enjoy all of it. You may not have roses to stop and smell but you know how to appreciate the pinks and reds!

Rohrerbot said...

You have lots of lovely reds in these pictures. They do well together and add a nice color punch to the other leaves.

Missy said...

Great photos. I love the sun through the reddish leaves. That first photo really glows.

Linda said...

Absolutely glorious! The colours are amazing!

Kim said...

Wow what pink leaves!! I do wish I could grow a few things like that , but it is too dry here. Just loving your tropical garden!

VirginiaC said...

Loved that large crinkled caladium....absolutely stunning!

africanaussie said...

I do so admire others who speak different languages, glad you enjoy my garden.

africanaussie said...

Sometimes I think I should have put more effort into choosing what colours go together, but then tropical is all about colour, and somehow they all seem to be ok in the end.

africanaussie said...

I certainly do have a variety of colour in the garden don't I?

africanaussie said...

I find you don't miss the flowers so much when you have varied foliage.

africanaussie said...

I really need to work on my photography skills, but the weeds keep me too busy :)

africanaussie said...

thank you Linda.

africanaussie said...

What fun it is to be able to visit garden all over the world through the internet.

africanaussie said...

My neighbour gave me that last year and I thought I had lost it - so pleased to see it come back from dormancy.


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