Monday, July 2, 2012

Slow living June 2012

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SLOW LIVING - Month by Month June 2012

 I have been harvesting leafy greens for stir fries, and lettuce leaves and cucumbers for salads.  Also lots of herbs, whenever I need them.  Snow peas and tomatoes should be on the menu soon.  Eggplant are in continual supply.

I also have rosella ready for harvest and don't want to make jam - I understand you can also dry them for tea - has anyone does this?  I just put a few on the counter to dry - do they need to be dried in an oven?

 I saw a recipe a while back for homemade vegetable bouillon and when I opened the vegetable drawer and saw half a wilting fennel bulb and more than half a bunch of celery languishing in the depths I thought I better give it a try.  We try to limit our salt intake so I did not put much salt into it (1TBS instead of 1 cup) and I certainly did not put as much variety in, (onion, garlic, celery, fennel, parsley and sundried tomato) but have found it very useful to have those ingredients already chopped and waiting to be added to soups or stews.  I froze it in flat containers, about one cup, which is perfect for starting soups, but it will break in half quite easily for smaller amounts.  I am thinking of doing the same thing for asian recipes I often do (garlic, ginger, lemongrass, shallots, chillies)  It is really convenient to have these ingredients all chopped and ready to go. 

After getting rid of the extra fridge we are down to one little fridge and a tiny freezer.  Our weekly shop now is much more carefully thought out, and we are spending less. 

That old fridge was using lots of electricity.

I have been trialling some seeds for MrFothergills, and since I have more variety than normal I have little pockets of different varieties and then continually sowing more seeds in the gaps.   I am liking this way of gardening

I made two more silk scarves and when I wore one of them it made me feel really special.  It was actually a scarf I made before and didnt like how it turned out, and I added more colour and pattern to it, and now it is one of my favorites, so I suppose it could also go under re-use and re-cycle.. 

I was awarded a "one lovely blog" award by Kara at practical frog, and this led me to some more wonderful blogs to follow. 

We have had lots of time babysitting the grand-kids this month and it makes us feel younger.  My daughter in law gave me a one hour spa coupon so I will be doubly enhanced.

thank you so much Christine for organizing this - I am really enjoying this bit of reflection every month!


Wendy said...

Your aubergine looks wonderful! I also so enjoy the summary of the month on everyones blogs, some that I would never normally visit.

Mark and Gaz said...

Have to agree with Wendy above the aubergine looks great. Summer in blog world is a great time to look round!

laurarittenhouse said...

It seems we were all impressed by the eggplants. They are another fruit I can't seem to produce in my garden. I had a healthy plant with plenty of flowers this year, but nothing edible. As always, your garden makes me green with envy - and inspires me to keep trying!

Linda said...

At this time of year I get A bit jealous of you up north! I can't believe you still have eggplant in the garden at this time of year! It's wonderful to see grandchildren, isn't it? They warm your heart!

orchid said...

Dearest Africanaussie,  
Oh I have never seen "rosella" and I checked with dictionary. Haha, it says kind of a bird, obviously it must be a sort of fruit with that bright red color. Looks really tropical♡♡♡
Wow, isn7t it wonderful with grandchildren and also spa coupon!!! Have a wonderful week, my Aussie friend.
Sending you lots of Love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

africanaussie said...

thanks for posting that harissa recipe specifically for me! Yes I have found the catch ups nice.

africanaussie said...

they are getting stung by something though - I guess I need to get out there with the garlic chili spray again.

africanaussie said...

well in the interests of full disclosure I have to say that only volunteer eggplant grow in my garden! they mostly last a couple of years, and produce well, but I cant say what the trick is.

africanaussie said...

this is the best time of year to be here. Don't worry, I will be envying you once the heat and humidity roll around! we pretty much have eggplant year round.

africanaussie said...

they are really pretty birds, we often get flocks of them in the neighboring trees. I want to make some tea with the rosellas.

Maureen said...

Enjoy your spa coupon an hour of pampering sounds like bliss.
Thanks for your continuing support I am heading off to the Movies today to see Brave with two of my favourite little people....

Kathryn Ray said...

Haha... I was going to say something about your eggplant too. :-) At least now I don't feel so bad having never been successful in growing them. This summer included. :-/

I hope your rosella tea is wonderful. :-)

africanaussie said...

Hope you had a great time....grandchildren are great blessing aren't they?

africanaussie said...

well I really don't grow them - they just volunteer... :) so I cant take the credit.

Practical Frog said...

I am so jelous of your ability to grow so many edible plants!!! Rosella in syrup (with alcohol maybe too) at the bottom of a champange glass is definatly my preferance for consuming rosellas! Enjoy that massage! - Kara xx

Larissa said...


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