Friday, April 13, 2012

foliage follow up April 16th

While looking for flowers to post for Garden bloggers bloom day I kept think how lovely the foliage all is at this time of year.  It is lucky that we have foliage follow up with Pam at Digging  to showcase the colors.
During the wet season we don't get much sunshine and I think you need a lot of sunshine to get a lot of flowers. Clearly foliage doesn't have the same hang-ups.
I have lots of green, but it is the other colors that pop out at you.  The purple leaved rhoeo is a great border plant.  This silvery grey rex begonia loves my shady garden, and from one little plant I now have three pots scattered about the garden.  As the new leaves come out they are a tender pink, and then they fade to silvery grey.
 This new one I just acquired is brilliant red and green on the underside.  I think I will have to find a spot to hang it so that the undersides are visible.
I have a couple of elkhorn ferns that grow off the trunk of my lycheee tree, and just love the look of the new little leaf emerging.  You can see leaves trapped in the ferns pockets - as they decompose they feed the plant.
I think the foliage in my garden is the true background.


  1. I love that view of your garden, it looks so lush and green and cool and the colourful foilage adds interest.

    1. thanks I think that is my favourite view as well.

  2. You have some really gorgeous foliage! That first shot has so many colors and textures going on. Love the curvy little path!

    1. It is often hard to find flowering plants that love the shade, but it doesn't seem to matter so much if you have colorful foliage.

  3. And just as pretty as any flower! Very lovely.

    1. So true, I am developing a real love of foliage.


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