Thursday, March 1, 2012

So much rain, my garden is dripping

I cant believe that a couple of weeks ago I thought things were drying out and we were going to have an early dry season.  Shows what I know!  For over a week we have had torrential rain, with water over the roads blocking access, and the back yard a total bog.  My little veggie seedlings are slightly protected , but not getting any sunshine other than the liquid variety.  Some wet scenes from around the garden....
The variegated hibiscus goes very white at this time of year, and I love how that contrasts with the flowers that dangle wetly from the ends of the branches.
 This bromeliad is quite prolific at this time of year - the colours are quite delicious.
Even the Cordelines show off their hot pink leaves.
 The weight of too much rainwater has made this tall one collapse.  I will cut the top off and it will re-shoot.
 The red ginger flowers out the back that I have been meaning to thin  are sending out new shoots.  I have anchored these (still attached to the plant)  into a bucket of soil before and a new plant will grow from that.  That form of propagation is called layering.
I looked back on my blog posts for last March and it was just like this - lots of rain - why am I surprised?  that is the reason I started this blog so that I could have a record to look back on.  I guess I just got excited about  planting veggies and didn't do the research. Next question - do I plant out my lettuce seedlings into the ground out in the open where they will get more rain, but also more sun when it shines, or under the shade-cloth which will protect them a little from the heavy rain?  I am leading more towards under the shade-cloth.


  1. I would choose the shadecloth. Even though it's overcast with the rain, you only need one sunny hot day and they'd fry (or maybe stew) - well, at least that's what would happen here at this time of year.

  2. Hi africanaussie, i haven't been here for a while. It's nice you got the rains and the plants are happy, while we here are already at the start of our dry season, i hope it wont be as hot and long as last year. You should see my few previous posts of orchid and garden shows, haha!

  3. Yes, we had a stinking hot weekend and now a couple of days of good rain. But I'm already wishing for it to end. I love summer. But if I lived up your way I'd be longing for the dry season.

  4. We also have a variegated hibiscus in our town garden. I have never noticed that it's leaves go whiter at a certain time of year. I must keep an eye on it :)

  5. No i masz krople deszczu na pięknym hibiskusie :). Podoba mi się kwiat imbiru. Pozdrawiam. *** Well, you have rain drops on a beautiful hibiscus :). I like the ginger flower. Yours.

  6. The bloom look very fresh from all the rain. We just had our first with lots of rain this week for 2012.

  7. We have had too much rain in our area for the past 3 months. It rained almost everyday. Now its summer and some of our plants were shocked by the sudden shift in temperature that most of their leaves turned yellow.

    Your variegated hibiscus is very nice to look at. Those white leaves are quite different.

  8. Missy,
    thanks, that is a good point you raised. I nipped off some of the overcrowded ones this weekend and will probably get them into the ground next weekend.
    i loved the photos of your orchids, and went out and moved some of mine into the sunshine hoping they will bloom.
    as I recall you came up for a visit here in the middle of the wet season. It is lovely in the dry season though!
    I think it might not be the season but the amount of rain.
    Giga, I love the look of drops of water on the plants.
    Malay Kadazan,
    I hope you are not in the area with so much flooding.
    Solitude rising,
    I have seen that happen when the leaves turn yellow, and I suppose it does have something to do with the abrupt change in season.


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