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Moon planting - wierd or not?

I first heard about moon planting from my 90 year old neighbor when I came to Australia 7 years ago.  He was our landlord and grew the most amazing vegetables.  He also sprayed chemicals to kill the bugs, so I did not agree with everything he was doing.  I put the moon planting in the back of my mind as mumbo jumbo.   Moon planting always seems to be portrayed with illustrations that quite frankly made me feel a bit uncomfortable.  Then I began to research the subject a little more, and it all seems so logical - not mumbo jumbo at all!

The moon has tremendous pull on the earth - it is the moons force that pulls the mass of oceans back and forth creating the tides. In order to get to understand the whole subject I had to put it into simple terms, and for some people this might be simplifying it too much, but bear with me.  While the moon is waxing (getting bigger) the force pulls plants that grow above the ground up into the atmosphere.  While the moon is waning (getting smaller) the force pulls plants deep into the ground.  I found this website that has a little calendar alongside  telling you what you should be planting on what date. Much easier than trying to figure it out myself :)

 I will give this a try, mainly because I was planning on planting out some carrots and root crops anyway this weekend.
 All these seeds came from Mr Fothergills , and I am interested to see how the seed tape works, as in the past I have always overcrowded my carrot beds.  The harlequin carrots seem amazing to me, and I cant wait to see all that color on my plate!  I lose track of how many times we tip out the rain gauge - it seems a waste...  I want to get the carrots in though because they take soo long till harvest - I should be harvesting these in July - yipee!

 My seedlings are growing long and leggy, and I suspect they need a good dose of sunshine.
 the silverbeet especially are very unhappy.  If this weather continues I might move them inside under some lights.  I can't imagine doing this in the tropics.... surely the rain will slow down soon.

 I also had some green bean seeds soaking ready to plant out and this is supposedly the wrong time to plant them - oh well.  Hopefully the green beans don't ascribe to the moon planting schedule and the carrots do!

In the past I have tried to keep track of planting and harvest time, so will try that again on an excel spreadsheet.  I know that Erica at   Northwest edible life  in Seattle does that in a big way - (I would never keep this updated) does anyone else do that?  Since I also want to continuous sow the carrots every two weeks I will be able to monitor whether those seeds planted outside of the moon time grow any differently.

We live in a remote area and the night sky is always marvelous to look at - no big city lights dimming the twinkling stars in our backyard!  I looked up at the moon the other evening and that is what got me thinking about this subject.  I have often taken comfort in these words, knowing that the same moon shines down on my loved ones scattered around the globe.

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me
Under the shade of the old oak tree
God bless the light that shines on me
and shine on the ones I love...


  1. I'll be interested to see whether you find any difference with the phases of the moon. It's not something I've ever worried about. I have enough trouble getting the seasons right, but it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

  2. It will be fascinating to watch the progress of your efforts. I've heard of moon planting before, but have certainly never tried it. I see the rainy season has had an effect on the growth of your new seedlings. I have exactly the same trouble every year with flower seedlings. It's great to have the rain, but the endless overcast days take an toll on the new plants.

  3. Apparently moon planting makes a huge difference to your plants, I have though about trying it ,but never had. you will love your colourful carrots, they look great in a salad.

  4. The Polynesians planted according to moon phases.....I think at full moon times.

  5. Best of luck! I have some seedlings waiting to be moved. I envy your wonderful garden.....

  6. Fascinating. I've not heard of moon planting, but it makes sense. I'm glad you brought it to my attention...I will ponder the idea, as you did. Hope you have great success! I'll check back to see how it goes.

  7. I have read about moon planting months ago too but the skeptical me didn't quite believe it. Maybe there really is a scientific basis for this. But it doesn't hurt to try, after all I talk to my plants, which to some is quite kooky.

  8. I wish we would get some rain! I love the look of those harlequin carrots, too! As with you, I'd also disregarded planting in time with the phases of the moon as a bit of "mumbo jumbo". It's quite popular amongst eager gardeners and fundis here. Ill be keen to hear if you can see any real benefit once you're doing it.

  9. I heard about moon planting for the first time yesterday, when I was checking the Farmers Almanac for planting times. It seems kinds weird, but who knows. I'm going to plant them both ways, seed planting date, and moon planting date, and see which one grows the best.

  10. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. I have just had time to sit down and come here to visit. I really enjoy all the information you provide. I will be following, so as to be able to learn.

  11. Missy,
    I guess it is all the time I have to think and plan instead of garden what with all this rain!
    Every time I see the sun peek out I get a little jolt of excitement. It never lasts long though. Last year I waited too long to plant hoping for perfect conditions...
    that's what they all say, but I think a little bit of everything in moderation is more my type of gardening.
    the force of the moon pulls the tides in and out, so it makes sense that same force would affect other things.
    Hawa cookiemom,
    hope your transplanting goes well.
    hi - haven't seen you around for a while. I hope I manage to make some sense out of it all.
    Solitude rising,
    I don't think anything gardeners do is kooky, but then again I am a gardener too!
    gosh I will send you some - I only had a one hour break in the rain to plant out this weekend - not sure if it was just totally stupid and the seeds might all be washed away by now.
    Hi April,
    Good I will follow your progress as well.
    I am glad you enjoy my experiments - I am never sure how something will work out..

  12. Hello, this is orchid or Miyako.
    Thank you very much for the lovely comments, I remember trying to follow you before and haven't noticed that I have to scroll down p;)
    Oh, it is amazing to know about "moon planting", never heard of it!
    I don't have a green-thumb, but I respect people who have. I love to know you use your wonderful pictures and show us how you do ♪♪♪
     Love from east, Miyako*

  13. Hi Orchid,
    glad you found out how to follow. There are so many different ideas out there and I like to at least give them a go.

  14. Fico tão feliz em ver sua plantação progredindo!!!
    Vou aguardar ansiosa a colheita...
    Também acredito na influência da lua sobre as plantas, afinal sua imantação faz parte do nosso eco-sistema.
    Que sua semana seja maravilhosa!

    1. Ma Zelia,
      we will have to at least give it a go. thanks
      for your kind comments

  15. The way you explain the moon gardening actually makes sense to me. I thought it was all hocus pocus. Going to give it a try!

    1. The gardening blog,
      Yes once I read that explanation I grew more fond of the whole idea.

  16. I've tried planting with the moon, I've ignored the moon calendar and I've run trials to see if moon planting works. The results are such that I've pretty much abandoned thinking about it. Which is a shame because it is a tantalizingly interesting concept. I found that the weather has a lot more to do with success or failure than the moon does (baking sun or torrential rain will make a mockery of any lunar cycle). But I'm still curious enough to pay attention when anyone else gives it a go. I'll be watching your progress!

    FYI, I put a summary of Lunar Planting (and a bit of Zodiac planting) guidelines here


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