Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet smelling flowers hiding in my veggie patch!

While I was away there was plenty of rain and so things grew, .............and grew, but luckily all the mulch I had laid arrested the weed development to some extent.  The pigeon peas are going wild - I might cut some branches back to allow better access and also to release nitrogen into the soil.  The one to the left has the winged bean entangled in it so that wont be cut back for now.  Why do climbing vines insist of climbing where you don't want them to?  I also thought I might have some beans on that by now......mmm.  I have a suspicion that I have plenty of nitrogen - hence the green growth.  What I need is phosphorous to promote flowering and fruiting.  I can see some smelly chook poo in my future.
 The perennial bed is also very full and lush

The turmeric is flowering - I am so glad that I moved it out here into this bed where I can enjoy the flowers

and then my nose twitched, what a beautiful scent ..... these gorgeous flowers have appeared on what I thought was galangal!  No - that looks like a shell ginger flower - do I have the wrong plant, although don't get me wrong - I love shell ginger and in fact thought I had planted some amongst the flowers in the side garden.  Oh dear.  

 so I did some research and found out that in fact it is galangal - but what they call lesser galangal.

well I certainly am pleased about that - pretty flowers and still a tasty rhizome - I don't see what is any lesser in that!  A while back one of my readers, Desiree, said she had tasted a dish with lesser ginger in it - I wonder if this could have been what they were referring to.  Gosh I will have to grind up some of that root and make a couple of cups of tea - it looks as though it fixes all ailments :) 
I could have it in my lovely teacup that my daughter-in-law gave me. 


  1. Kwiaty kurkumy i imbiru (galanga) są piękna. Pozdrawiam.*** Flowers turmeric and ginger (galangal) are beautiful. Yours.

  2. That flower is stunning!

    I've also got ginger growing, but never seen it flower. Apparently it is beautiful too :)

  3. Ginger is such a beautiful flowering plant. After a visit up north, I planted some here , but it is too cold to ever see it flower.

  4. I can almost smell the heady fragrance from your gingers and what a beautiful teacup. I can imagine your brew will taste perfect in that!!!

  5. You have such a beautiful garden with so many exotic flowers. You must be so bored when you visit my snow blog, lol. I never knew ginger bloomed and how pretty it is!

  6. I'm so envious of your lush garden! Can't wait for spring so I can start planting and digging and shaping...! Looks beautiful.

  7. Wow....I never knew that what we call the White Ginger that we use in lei making here in Hawaii, could also be called the lesser Galangal and that the roots can be used for tea. I love adding ginger root tea to home made lemonade.....a fabuluous mix.

    I have had a look at the herb website and it is wonderful with all its tropical thank you for pointing us in that direction. aloha


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