Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr Fotheringgills visit

On my return from my wonderful holiday in Malaysia (last post on the trip has been added to Life in the Tropics) I found an interesting e-mail in my very full inbox.
WOW!   This is the kind of thing that only happens to other people.  This little blog of mine was "discovered" by one of the major seed suppliers in Australia - Mr Fothergills!  The e-mail said that they would like me to trial some of their products and write about it.  Well of course!  Am I going to say no to free seeds?
I received a list of what they are going to send me (I thought it would just be a few packets, but that is a lot of stuff)

Climbing Snow Pea
Basil seed mat
Coriander Lemon
Lemon Grass
Carrot seed tape
Carrot Harlequin
Parsnip Gladiator
Radish Beauty heart
Silver Beet organics
Cats Paw wildflower
Poppy Falling in Love
Jiffy Windowsill kit (12 pellets)
Jiffy Starter Set pots & qsm's
Parsley Italian kitchen garden pot
Strawberry Temptation grow pot

I wonder what made them choose these particular items, and whether I could have requested some changes.  I am about 100% sure that parsnips need a colder climate, and I grow the tropical cilantro, because the regular cilantro always dies on me.  I did e-mail to request some changes but suspect this is a set package they send out.

It arrived over the weekend, so now I am planning my veggie garden planting.  Stay tuned.  How does anyone else plan their veggie garden?  I normally rotate vegetables, especially the nightshade family, and have a loose plan on a scrap of paper.  Easter weekend seems to be a popular time to plant here, and that is fast approaching, so I have my little hand drawn list of where everything will go. We have not had much rain this wet season so far, and I do worry that we will suddenly have a deluge once I have planted the delicate little seeds.  I do have those cute little jiffy pots now to start the seeds, although most of those root crops should be planted direct.

On the shopping list for this weekend is chook poo, plant labels,  and sugar cane mulch. I also need to pick up seeds for greens - probably a mixed lettuce bag. Mr Fotheringgills has a a bag of heirloom seeds. Last year I got a bag of seed starter mix and think I might do that again - it seemed to help strengthen the young plants. I want to make sure I am ready to plant when the time is right.


  1. WooHoo! Good for you, getting some freebies to try out. I hope you get some great plants from those seeds.

  2. aloha,

    wow, yes getting freebies is sweet, i don't think i've ever received anything yet through blogging...oh well, i'm happy just to do it :) good luck with the plantings.

  3. Good on you. That's fantastic. and it's come at just the right time of year for you.
    Happy planting.

  4. Lucky you :) Looks like you're going to be busy...

  5. This is Orchid, my friend.
    I do admire your blog with variety of topics!!!
    You sure are an amazingly talented lady and I will read your lovely trip article when I find time.
    Thank you very much for your sweet visits for my blog.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  6. Que bela surpresa! E estão em boas mãos, pois seu jardim certamente é o lugar ideal. Vamos acompanhar a sua plantação e a feliz colheita!

  7. You are so lucky!! All those seeds...good luck with the winter are right about the parsnips.

  8. Wow, that's an awful lot of free stuff! I can see that you're going to be very busy growing those seeds. I hope you have much success too.

  9. Well done! I couldn't think of anyone better to win such a prize pack. I know just how much fun you'll have trying out all your wonderful trial items. I like the sound of Carrot Harlequin and Cats Paw Wildflower! I hope they take off for you. Enjoy.

  10. Alison,
    that was just the inspiration I needed to get me planning my veggie garden.
    I get, (and I am sure you do too) immense satisfaction from seeing my blog grow, and being able to look back and chart my progress. I also now have lots of gardening friends, just over the cyber fence!
    so well timed! I needed that spurt of motivation too!
    oh yes!
    I am glad you enjoy it here!
    Oh yes I hope they are all happy - and live up to our expectations.
    I know - watch out for that giveaway!
    Solitude Rising,
    It was like a late Christmas!


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