Monday, November 7, 2011

Lychees ripening

Great excitement in our house at the moment with the lychees ripening.  Unfortunately it is not us gorging on the ripe fruit yet.  The bats move in at night and you can hear their mad chattering as they devour the fruit.  You can see the fallen skins and seeds lying around on the ground. They are ripening from the very top of the tree, and there is no way we could harvest those so high up.

Lower down though, we will be able to reach them, and so in order to keep them to ourselves, we have got a couple of mosquito nets to stretch over them.  The only way to reach up there though is to get onto the roof, and I am not game to do that.  The same friend who gave us the mosquito nets also said she has a long handled picker and I am thinking if we could just pick the ripe ones, we wouldn't have to bother with the net.

  Mmmm I hope she gets it to us soon, and we will soon be enjoying juicy lychees, instead of leaving them all to the silly bats..


  1. Oh AA - that tree is absolutely LADEN! Oh you lucky lucky thing! Is there anything special that you do to it? Because I want mine to look like yours!

  2. Yum! Lychees and Mangoes are my favourite fruits. You know it's almost summer when these are ripening on the trees.

    Hopefully you can rescue quite a few of your delicious Lychees before those bats get them. I know I wouldn't want to share!

  3. Wow, that is a beautiful fruit and your tree is so full with it!

  4. I adore lychees and these beauties look so big and plump. Aren't you just the luckiest soul to have your own tree even if you have to share with the bats. My husband was actually saying he wants to put up a bat box to attract bats to our garden. Perhaps we just need our own lychee tree :)

  5. I can only afford lychee in can here. Wow so many fruits! It must taste great fresh home-grown. How long does it take for lychee to bear fruits?

  6. I can only afford lychee in can here. Wow so many fruits! It must taste great fresh home-grown. How long does it take for lychee to bear fruits?

  7. You mean you got lychees too! And if is fruiting profusely, I love to eat that too. Here our lanzones are also eaten mostly by fruit bats, and even if we wrapped the bunches, they know how to get the fruits, they are smart. Someone also suggest that we put mosquito nets but we have 4 big trees so that is impossible. We just covered a small part so we can have little share from the bats. LOL.

  8. aloha,

    nothing like fresh lychees from the tree - one of my favorites...wish it was the season for it here in hawaii

    btw, loved seeing your silk experiments and which flowers/plants worked in the sun :)

  9. Oh what a feast you will have if you can fend off the wild life.

  10. Wow... now that is something I've never seen or tasted!

  11. I'm SO ENVIOUS!! I adore fresh lychee OH YUM your trees look so divine!

  12. Ali,
    I have all my plants under it, and the ground there gets lots of mulch and watering, which in turn I suppose goes to the tree as well!
    Those naughty bats had a feast last night and left a huge mess of their peels and pips scattered around the ground!
    this is the first year I have had an actual crop, I think because we had a cooler winter than normal.
    Good thought, although I think you are talking about tiny bats in bat boxes - these have a four foot wing span.... also called flying foxes.
    Malay Kadazan,
    This tree was in the garden when we bought the place, but I understand the trees can live for a hundred years....
    Same here - we can only reach the very lowest branches....
    I have been researching recipes - this weekend a friend is coming around and we will climb onto the roof and use his long handled cutter to harvest some. thanks that silk painting was fun.
    I think that is always the case - we have to share..
    I am jealous of your silverbeet :)
    You have to try them at least once in your life! Even canned are not too bad, although fresh is best.
    I will be posting recipes soon, so that might inspire you!
    Mrs Bok,
    I agree - they are delicious. I suddenly have lots of new friendly neighbours!

  13. Oh, my! Your bats have four-foot wingspans? Good heavens, that would be the size of a flying fox around here!

    I had to read up more about the lychee tree online and found it to be fascinating; there are so many plants out there I know absolutely nothing about. I so enjoy your blog where I can see gorgeous flowers and fruits and ants that taste like lemonade (if I quickly lick them!) You must be so bored reading blogs like mine that have commonplace flowers for six months and then snow, snow and more snow for the next six months.

    Thank you for sharing your incredibly rich gardening life with us!

  14. ♡°
    º° ✿
    Passei para conhecer o seu blog.
    Estou encantada com a exuberância das plantas, principalmente das flores.

  15. Oh, how I love lychees! One of these days I'll get a tree and give it enough protection to survive... I'll even build a greenhouse around it if I have to!

  16. Karen,
    Oh no! you have such a wonderful way of writing you keep me on the edge of my seat all the way through your posts! Glad you enjoy my tropical treasures though.
    I enjoyed your photos and quotes on your blog too!
    Rainforest gardener,
    If we had ours in a greenhouse it would be bigger than our house lol!


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