Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grand entrance

I am really liking the way the entrance looks from the front now.  My hubby took this photo.
 This green tree frog lives on our front veranda.  He seems to be giving me a little smile here :)
 Just look at his feet! - no wonder he can climb up the wall with no trouble.
Hopefully he is eating as many mozzies as he can!


  1. Ale żaba wspaniała. U nas takich nie ma. Ostatnie zdjęcie cudowne. Pozdrawiam

  2. I like your entrance too, your garden is looking wonderfully lush. I love that last photo of the frog, he is so cute.

  3. I agree - Lovely! Love the frog too - he and his mates will do a great job controlling insects.

  4. Lovely entrance and I hope mr frog is doing a good job of keeping down the mozzies. We have a virtual herd of green tree frogs on our verandah each night but I am not sure they put much of a dent in the mozzie population.

  5. Your entrance area has certainly come together well and it's looking terrific. Mr Frog will be working overtime soon as the summer brings in those hordes of insects.

  6. I love how inviting your entrance looks. It certainly is lovely and appealing. It makes a great first impression . The little frog is gorgeous. I am so envious as I love frogs.

  7. Oh, my, is that a lychee tree I am seeing in the first picture? It is loaded! I love lychees, and now my mouth is watering! :) Your entrance looks very lovely. and the frog is just way too cute!

  8. Love that frog , he is gorgeous. Your garden, as always , is looking beautiful.

  9. Ok, now I'm really feeling cold. It's snowing here and your photos look so warm and toasty. And toady too (love the frog)!

  10. Hi there

    Just discovered your blog and saw that green frog. Such a cutie! Lovely pictures!
    But also your garden looks great!

    Have a nice weekend
    Yvonne and Raphael

  11. Lovely entrance. What an adorable little frog.

  12. Giga,
    Oh I am sorry you don't have any frogs - they serenade us at night.
    thank you, yes everything grows here at double the rate at this time of year.
    Garden girl,
    Well, there are still mozzies around so don't know what they are eating :)
    same here, this seems as though it is going to be a bad year for mozzies. Also the fallen lychees from the bats attract fruit flies! grr.
    thanks, yes I am really happy with how it looks now.
    It has evolved over time, but I like it this way... for now. :)
    Oh yes lots and lots of lychees.
    I wish I could share some with you.
    Kim, thank you!
    glad I could warm up your day.
    Yvonne and Raphael,
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. That's a beautiful entrance to your garden. I like your little helper. I've got one or two green tree frogs as well, but it is so hard to find on green and hiding under leaves.
    David/ :-)


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