Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picture this.....Torch ginger

I am so excited to have a torch ginger flower, and hope this is a sign of many more to come.  As you can see the flower comes out at the base of the long arching leaves.  They go right up into the lychee tree - about 15ft!   Look how little it looks right at the base of the huge leaves!  they normally do have a longer stem.

 Just look at this gorgeous flower...
 the petals are waxy and according to kebunmalaykadazangirls can be used to added to laksa.  I wont be eating mine though - too busy admiring it.
from every angle - so much so that I thought I might enter her in the Picture This contest at Gardening gone wild.  the theme is to fill the frame, and that is what this little beauty does I think.

the caladiums are popping up all over the garden too - they don't all disappear during the dry, but they are very happy once it get hot and humid and muggy.
I thought this one had gone - I am pleased to see it back once again.
I cant say that I enjoy the heat and humidity of the wet season, but I sure do enjoy the beauty it brings to my garden!


  1. I agree, definitely too beautiful to eat.

  2. Nature in all her miraculous glory! You live in your own Garden of Eden!

  3. What a beautiful flower. i hope you are blessed with many more. Surely she would win any competition.

  4. Your torch ginger is a bit paler in color that Autumn Belle's and ours here in the country. Or is it just an effect of color saturation in your camera? But i love your brownish caladium near the green ones, i haven't seen that color here yet. I thought only fall colors can be posted in Carolyn's! So maybe i can join in my grasses too? hahaha!

  5. The torch ginger is incredible, such a perfect flower! I wouldn't eat that beauty, either. And caladiums just pop up in your garden? Oh, dear me. The only thing that pops up around here are weeds.

    Love the photos of your gorgeous blooms.

  6. Garden girl,
    Well, if I get dozens of flowers I might be tempted to try one ;)
    I sure feel as though I do!
    I just discovered that I linked the wrong photo so hope they can change it!
    You get two different colors here - the other one is almost red. My neighbor just gave me that brownish caladium. It is an interesting colour isn't it?
    Oh don't worry I get my fair share of weeds too (I just don't take photos of them!)

  7. Oh go on, eat it. I want to know how it tastes!

    More for me to be jealous of. The lushness of your tropical garden looks more like a movie set than a back yard. Well done. Enjoy every inch of it.

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  9. I really like torch ginger flower. But they won't grow well here in Adelaide. For laksa usually the young unopened bud were used in cooking. Hope you get more blooms.

  10. I must get some Torch Gingers. Yours is just gorgeous and such a terrific bloom. Love that Caladium as well.

    I'd recommend you try the Oriental Lilies in your corner of the world. The fragrance is just heavenly.

  11. How I envy you! Our torch ginger has not bloomed even once. We were told its a torch ginger when we bought it years ago, but now I have my doubts.

  12. well Malay Kadazan girl, now I know when to try them if I am going to put them into my laksa.
    Laura, I will definitely need more than one if I am going to eat it when it is still a little bud.
    I am definitely going to look out for some oriental lilies, although I think I have missed this years season for them.
    Solitude rising,
    if you have had it years and it hasn't flowered I would be wondering too. do you have a photo you could send and I can maybe help you identify it? send it to
    Open kitchen concept,
    and they last so long!

  13. That pink is gorgeous :)

  14. I will ask my mom to take pictures of the so-called red torch, if she can still find where she transplanted them :) Thanks.

  15. do you have a supplier where i can buy this torch ginger plant? i am an avid cook and would like these flowers to be added to my asian cooking.

    thank you tina


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