Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Passionfruit vine gets a short back and sides

After two years passionfruit in this area normally get a virus called woody passionfruit virus and dies back.  I let another vine start in the vegetable garden (they come up like weeds here). this same area around the herb spiral has started up again - not sure if it is the same vine or a different one, but it is very healthy.  This is quite  a convenient place to have a passionfruit growing as it can grow vertically up the neighbouring happy plant, and leave more garden for other stuff.  The passionfruit drop onto the ground when ripe, so they are the perfect plant to grow up.  The vine has been clambering over the herb spiral  arch too much though and I wanted it to head upwards, so out I got with the ladder and some string.....
 and tied sections up towards the high trunks of the happy plant.   If I trimmed it back that would just cause more branches lower down and that is not what I wanted.  It looks a bit untidy now, but it will soon fill in.  You can see the old dead branches underneath.  The vine is already chock a block full of fruit, so I think this is going to be a good season.
This is looking down the length of the side garden from the passionfruit.  I really like how the paver and stone pathway is now - with a nice meandering flow to it.
 Out in one of the shrubs in the front we have a little birds nest :)  I am not sure what type of bird it is, but we have so many birds around, I just love it! 
We even have wild lorikeets high up in the trees, and also stuffing themselves on the fallen mango.  the lychee's are plumping up and the paw paw are turning yellow, so there is not going to be a shortage of fruit around here this year.round


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful and I am so envious of your wonderful tropical fruit trees! Life is sounding blissful in your spot of paradise! Enjoy it all!

  2. Gosh Gillian, you make me so envious of your passionfruits! :)
    We'll be harvesting our first fruit soon (just one only so far and insufficient to even make a glass of drink!). Keeping our fingers crossed to see some flowers that recently bloomed set fruits hopefully soon...

  3. O my - I'm going to will my passionfruit vine (which is growing over my chook pen) to grow as yours does and hopefully provide them with enough shade come this summer. We love passionfruit but I find that the local fauna seem to bite into them before we do...

  4. Desiree,
    thank you, I do love tropical fruit, and this is the season for it.
    really I cant take any credit - it grows like a weed, in fact I am always pulling up little vines :) I am sure yours will soon take off and supply you with lots of juicy goodness.
    welcome! funny, here only the fallen fruit sometimes gets nibbled on if I don't get to it in time.

  5. How wonderful that your self-propagating passionfruit vines produce fruit. Mine never do. Is there a secret I'm missing? Maybe it's the type of fruit? Or my lack of patience (something I am being forced to work on in the garden - you can't rush nature)?

  6. I still need to find a good passionfruit vine, but haven't found one for less than an arm and a leg. Yours just look like they'll be so yummy!


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