Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving furniture around

I used to love to move the furniture around, but our little unit is so small and everything is just where it has to be, so I had to take the urge outside. :)
After my lovely neighbor gave me a garden chair a couple of months ago I placed it snugly under the tree fern.  Nobody sat there, leaves fell all over it, and as the fern got bigger I wondered about where else the chair could go.....  (I put up these "bali" flags for my MIL's 80th birthday and quite like them there - they might stay).   Back to the point - that chair did look a little less than inviting didn't it?
So.... after giving the ponytail palm a  bit of a haircut and moving it over to share its space I found the perfect spot for the chair.
 It also means that the small heleconia plant can spread out a bit and be noticed - gosh you cant even see the space that the chair took up...
While I was checking out the chair in its new spot I began to think about the fact that the grass doesn't grow well, and I never really liked the way the path just ended.  I call this time sitting in the chair or the swing "contemplative landscaping"  and it normally ends with me jumping up to go and fetch some garden tools.  Oh what a good idea - the path will now have a logical ending - into the other garden path - why hadn't I thought about that before?  Just a few more rocks and pavers and it will be done.
 In other garden news I have a torch ginger coming up.  They say these flowers are edible, but I have never tasted one - hopefully I get enough that I can try them out - it has taken more than a year to start flowering, and this is my first flower. This is the light pink one - you also get them in red,  they look just like a waxy rose.
 I moved some of the eggplant out of the side pots into the now vacated tomato grow bag.   They are in a coir type of material to stop them getting soil borne virticulum wilt, but I will have to add some sort of fertilizer I am sure.
Slowly our lives are getting back to normal, with time to spend in the garden - that chair and a good book sounds like a great idea.


  1. I love those squatters chairs. A cool drink and a book or even an afternoon nap there would be ideal.

  2. Looks like the perfect place for drinks and a book!

  3. Love changing things around as well, a bit of a change is good! I love your torch ginger, soooooo beautiful. Good idea putting the eggplant into the coir bag, I'm looking at doing something similar perhaps with just a bag of soil! No more sunny growing spots left for me to use!

  4. My "contemplative landscaping" usually ends the same way. Unless my Honeyman is sitting next to me. We have an unwritten rule that we don't talk about "ta do's" when we're sitting in the garden. Instead we relax and enjoy the "ta dones". (I have to work at this.)

  5. Garden is looking very tropical, I envy you your weather up that way on a windy wintery day in what should be Spring in the Hunter Valley.

  6. Torch ginger flower is one of the main ingredient for a good original "laksa". I really miss them. Since it won't grow well here in Adelaide, I look forward to see it in full bloom in your garden.

  7. Missy,
    I didn't know they were called squatters chairs, what a good name for them.
    now I just need to find the time...
    Mrs Bok,
    I dont do very well with things in pots as I forget to water them!
    I love that! It is so hard not to keep thinking of more things to change though.
    as they say the weather here is beautiful one day perfect the next :) I am lucky!
    Maklay Kadazan,
    Oh I didn't know it was used in Laksa - I make that quite often.


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