Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End of September update all around the garden

This weekend I got to spend a much needed day in the garden.  I put up our little shade cloth over the vegetable garden.  It works very well as it shades just part of the garden for part of the day.  The asparagus was cut right back and mulched and I intend to start harvesting it soon.  Lots of weeds were removed

 Paths widened and cleared and the ginger planted.  Still more to do, but it is now looking a bit better cared for.  I am letting some things go to seed which always looks a bit messy.
 My neighbor gifted me with a  couple of her volunteer caladiums - doesn't the foliage look stunning next to the rex begonia?   I would love to have swathes of caladiums like Meems in Florida, but I don't have the room and they seem hard to find around here.
 The anthirium just go on and on - one of the backbones of my garden, and I am so glad that the little purple one is starting to create volunteers as well.  My aim is to have more of those as a lower edging to the bigger pink ones.
 My favorite at the moment though has to be the amaryllis - more and more bulbs have opened up.  I have cut the leaves off some of the others hoping to force them to bloom.  they are in a  more shaded area and if they don't bloom then I will move them since they have not flowered for two years.  That is a long time in my estimation to look at green leaves and no flowers.   These ones are such a welcome sight.
 So are the orchids!  The buds have opened up to reveal a lovely dark center.
It is so good to be back in the garden again.


  1. Well your Amaryllis are putting on a great display now ... mine are still green leaves! I've even moved them, re-potted them and given them a stern warning ... all to no avail!

    Love your purple Anthurium and that new Caladium is a beauty. I, like you, would love to have loads of Caladiums in my garden but they are very difficult to find and when you do find them, they're horribly expensive!! Lucky you for getting a pass-along.

    All is looking well in the vegie patch and it sounds as if you'll be enjoying fresh asparagus very soon.

  2. Jak to przyjemnie oglądać w ogrodzie kwiaty, które rosną u nas tylko w doniczkach w domu. Pozdrawiam

  3. What a lot of gorgeous blooms in your garden, so many the likes of which I could never grow even if I tried. The orchids are stunning and so are the caladiums. I think the shade cloth is a wonderful idea, I use shade cloth in the spring in my greenhouse to shade the tender annuals as they sprout and grow on. Lovely, lovely garden!

  4. I disagree that letting things go to seed makes a garden look messy. I used to feel that way until I grew my own veggies. Funny how our eyes change as time goes on. Anyway, I've had beds full of rocket in seed and from my house it looks like I've intentionally planted a field of white flowers. (Okay, up close they've all fallen down but still, they look pretty.)

    Don't begrudge a bit of mess that is just one more aspect of nature's beauty!

  5. I always love visiting your garden! And, wow, have you made me envious of your orchids, amaryllis, anthuriums and caladiums! Your veggie garden always looks good to me, even when you think it's messy :) To me, it looks like a healthy, permaculture garden and I'm green with envy, since I am only able to have a few herbs and salad leaves in pots in my garden. There just isn't enough sun. Your shade cover is a great idea and looks quite pleasant. Not at all obtrusive or 'messy' as some can be!

  6. Love your purple anthurium! I have not see any purple ones here. For some reason, I don't have much luck with Anthurium since they often get the brown tips on the leaves. I put it in a container and in a bright shade, no direct sun. Any tips for taking care of anthurium?

    Your Amaryllis are so beautiful. I also have the same kind as yours. the leaves are growing tall and leaning down. Should I cut the leaves to prepare for its blooming in our spring?

    Sorry for all the questions :)

  7. Bernie,
    I cant really say I know what worked! It is only the ones in this area that have flowered! I am never sure when the caladiums will come up again either - they seem to have a dormant season for me. Yes I am looking forward to the asparagus.
    Giga, thank you yes I am blessed to live here.
    thank you, but I am envious of your lovely space! and your urns :)
    I am always anxious to begin to use that space for other things though! I am beginning to like the permaculture look more and more.
    Desiree, You are so kind. I put the shade cloth up to give me some respite from the sun as well as the plants :) It means I can spend longer out there pottering around.
    I find the anthirium like very regular watering and foliar feeding with seaweed tea. The amaryllis that are flowering now have no leaves - they have all died off, (I didn't cut them off) but I would wait until spring to cut them, you need the leaves to feed the bulb. they can look very messy with their leaves flopping all over the place. My hubby recently said he didn't like them, but he does now they have flowered LOL!

  8. Greetings from an American Aussie. Been here in Kansas over 30 years now. I miss my Sydney Garden but embrace the 4 seasons. Love your garden and envy your plant selections. I see you around a lot. Are you addicted to0 blogging, too?

  9. The vege patch is looking great ...going to seed and all. I sometimes have people say, 'Look at all the weeds in your vege patch....when really I am just saving seeds....'

  10. Always enjoy checking in to see what is happening in your garden. aloha

  11. Caladiums and orchids in your gardens? Surely you must live in paradise.

  12. Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.

  13. Patrick,
    welcome! each place has its treasures, and I am so thankful to share all the different gardening styles via the internet.
    I am beginning to like the permaculture look more and more :)
    Aloha - I am reading a book about Hawaii at the moment!
    Oh I do :) I also enjoy looking at your lovely garden...


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