Monday, June 20, 2011

Resisting the invasion

The bandicoots came back!   Some old gardeners around the area say that you shouldnt water in the afternoon as this brings the worms to the surface and attracts bandicoots.  Well, we have been trying to get the grass pieces that we added to grow, and so we have been watering.  One morning it looked as though fifty bandicoots had come in and dug it all up! Bandicoot party!  I didnt take photos as I was too sad. they totally ignored the trap that was set to catch them.  Too busy dancing around and digging up my grass!
I carefully inspected the back fence and found that behind my archway was the area they had got in.  Out came all the messy cats whiskers - dont worry I saved a few and planted them off to to the side, so we will still have the honeyeaters visiting. Wow that really opened it up! This area does look a bit straggly and untidy now, I will have to work on that..
   I moved the grow bag there in which I have been growing tomatoes and eggplants, and then added two other grow bags on either side.  I have kept a stone walkway all along the edge to make attending to these plants easier.
The good news is that the grow bags are working and I seem to be growing roma tomatoes.  That is unheard of in this area.  Yeah! :)   Eggplant also suffer from this soil borne disease so I hope that does well in the grow bags too.   I filled them with compost and potting soil.
Even out the back in the regular soil - (well this area had about a foot of compost added, so not really regular soil) - I am growing a big tomatoes.  I believe this one was called tropic, and I got a six pack, and only one has flourished but still....  Traditionally cherry tomatoes are the only tomatoes that grow here.
I also divided up some comfrey so have more comfrey plants- I found last year that the comfrey in the ground died off during the wet season, but I am hoping that the ones in the sunny area will fare better this year.  It would be nice to have it year round.

What with dealing with bacterial wilt, and keeping the bandicoots out, sometimes gardening is a bit like walking a tightrope - just as this dragonfly is doing.


  1. AA: Hope those bandicoots won't come back again to bother your grass! Those growing bags look interesting. I think I also saw them sold here, interesting idea, seems working great for you. Glad that now you can grow big tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes only.

  2. It is upsetting when things like this happen. I found this site that may give you some ideas.

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your bandicoot invasion. I remember the second year we moved into this place, around eight years ago, we had an invasion of bandicoots and they ripped up loads of the yard. We haven't seen any since then ... they must have migrated up your way!

    Glad to see your tomatoes taking off though. Well done in getting Romas to grow and that big Tropic. Well done.

  4. I have never seen a bandicoot so will now do a quick google search for images. So sorry they undid all your handiwork! Your pictures as always are truly lovely and your featured tightrope walker is marvellous! So glad to know you are having success with your grow bag plantings. Your gardening experimentations are always so inspirational.

  5. I had to do a search for images of bandicoots, too. Oh, my, they look like they could do a lot of damage. There's always something, isn't there?

    Your tomatoes look wonderful, I wish I could say the same about mine which look very sad right now. Too cold and wet for them again this year.

    I hope the bandicoots move on out of your neighborhood!

  6. I didn't know that little marsupials as bandicoots could do much damage to a garden. They seem too cute to be a pest. I hope they leave your veggie garden alone. Congratulations on your new tomato plants, they do look healthy.

  7. I too have bandicoots - or at least one. Some days there is almost no digging and then on others the whole garden looks like it's been attacked by small explosives. Maybe they do have parties.

    I see garden girl directed you to my post ( and that you've visited. I'm lucky in that I prefer native animals in my garden to a lovely lawn. I must admit it bothers me a bit more when he turns over a plant trying to eat a grub living underneath but I console myself with the assumption that the grub would have killed the plant and at least I have some chance of reburying it with the hopes of reaping a harvest.

    As for the rest of your garden it looks amzingly productive - well done. I plan to start tomatoes soonish from seeds in a pot covered in a plastic bag. It's just too cold in Sydney right now for tomatoes.

  8. Ami,
    I was worried that they were not deep enough as I thought tomatoes grew very deep, but happy with the results.
    Gardengirl, thanks for the link.
    so that is where they all came from? No, they live in the canefields - if you are watching when they cut the last row of cane there are bandicoots escaping the harvester by the dozen! running in all directions. :)
    thanks for your kind comments. You can see a great photo on the link that gardengirl added. My photo has him in a cage.
    Malay Kadazan,
    I cant wait for them to ripen....
    Oh hope you get some sunshine soon, as I know your growing season in Wisconsin is quite short.
    Solitude rising,
    Isnt it funny that other peoples pests always look so cute....
    Native or not, I don't want them digging in my garden! I think the watering in dry weather is what seems to attract them. Pretty soon it will be too hot and humid here for tomatoes...


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