Monday, June 13, 2011

Mosiac butterfly bath

I set out on Saturday with intentions to get the supplies to make a mosaic bath for the small birds and butterflies.  I have a big bird bath, but notice that the smaller birds and butterflies are a bit timid to go there.  I have some quite aggresive birds called friarbirds that chase them away. There was a homewares shop having a huge sale and I wandered in there and discovered the most amazing array of beautiful mosiac bowls.

 They are made for inside and the bottom surface was dull. It reminded me of the pottery from Mexico. The lady said they would have to be sealed to go outside and be filled with water.  It was hard to choose, but I thought this looked just right for a garden.
Next stop was the hardware shop where I found a sealer for trerracotta pots. It is suitable for birds and butterflies, so after about four layers I am good to go - It needs to cure for 48 hours before buing filled with water. If anyone is looking for this type of sealer look in the garden ponds section - not the paints section!
For the base I have just rested it into a glazed blue pot - I think I wanted it higher, but then that would be unstable, and my grandson does tentd to rush around the garden when he comes visiting, playing hide and seek, so this might be the best spot. Nestled right into the herb spiral. Alongside some cosmos which the butterflies love. The yellow breasted honeyeaters are always gorging on in the nectar from the passionfruit flowers just above the herb spiral so I am thinking they will pay their new bath a visit. I might have to put a rock or two in so that the butterlfies have a flat space to alight.

 I bought another bigger one for my DIL as she has a birthday coming up.  I hope she likes it - I know my daughter would, as pink is her favourite colour but she is too far away to post something this heavy.

I am so pleased with my finds.....


  1. Love your beautiful new mosaic bowls! Especially the pink one. I bet the birds and butterflies will love it too.

  2. They are beautiful! They look like they costed a bomb but you must have gotten them at a bargain from the sale. I have a clay one that birds and other insects love to drink from. I haven't seen any butterflies drinking from it though. I think they probably quench their thirst from the sweet nectar. I didn't know butterflies bathe. Whatever it is, these beautiful mosaics definitely brighten up the garden.

  3. LOVELY FINDS! And so much easier than having to do them yourself ;)

  4. Those are beautiful bird/butterfly baths. I hope the birds and butterflies will also love them and use them.


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