Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glasswing butterlfy

Another type of butterfly has been identified in our garden.  Not surprisingly its host is the passion fruit vine.  We have plenty of food for them - our passionfruit vine climbs high on the plant in the Telstra plot behind us.
My hubby sent me the photo and I did a search for black and white butterflies... nothing,..... then I stumbled upon this and definitely it is right - the wing does look like glass, doesn't it?

Look at this transparency!  So delicate.
 I think I am getting a bit blaze about my hubby's butterflies because I was really taken with the cosmos bud in this photo....
 Here is another one showing just how transparent those wings are.
 Don't you find it just amazing that something so fine and delicate can flit around the garden and survive.  How awesome is the loving hand that that made this creature.
I am so grateful for my flowers, my butterflies and most of all for you in my life, dear hubby. :) 


  1. Wonderful post , outstanding photography and such sweet words!

  2. Beautifully captured. I have to remember to plant some cosmos this spring. I always forget to buy the seeds.

  3. Wow! The wings are translucent! Haven't seen one like that before. With your sweet words, I imgaine your hubby would be encouraged to capture more miraculous shots!

  4. It's beautiful and so are you husband's photos and your words.

  5. Takiego motyla jeszcze nie widziałam. Zrobiłaś śliczne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam

  6. Desiree,
    sometimes you see things with photos that you do not notice with the naked eye. I don't think this transparency is so visible outside in the harsh sun.
    Malay Kadazan,
    I think this orange one is very good at attracting butterflies - I will see if I can save some seeds for you.
    Arent they lovely? I am so lucky he is so patient.
    It is quite fun to have another photographer supplying me with photos.
    Isnt it wonderful how we can be a part of gardens all over the world? Even more wonderful is how I can put your words into google translate and see what you have written!


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