Friday, June 3, 2011

Different butterfly varieties

Kiasu' is a Chinese Dialect which means the fear of losing, and ONE, a fellow blogger in Malaysia has tempted me to post yet more butterfly photos. Andrea in the Philipines has also joined in.  Gosh I wonder how far this Kiasu will go!

I hope everyone is not tired of the butterflies yet....
this is supposed to be a gardening blog, but then again I suppose it is my garden that is attracting them, and my dear hubby that keeps taking gorgeous photos.
This is called the Cassia butterfly or lemon migrant.

This is the called the Union Jack - I have no idea how that name came about because the last time I saw the Union Jack there was no yellow in it.  still it is a pretty little thing and quite common in our garden. Their larval food is mistletoe according to information online, but they do hang around the passion fruit a lot.
 I really like the Common Eggfly butterfly photo here. See the spider and his web?

and here...
Shame, its wings seem quite battered - I am sure it must be getting ready to lay some more eggs, but not sure which is its host plant.


  1. I have not seen the Cassia Butterfly nor the Union Jack before. The Cassia seems to have half closed sexy eyes.

    I agree, the Eggfly shot is a great one. Your hubby is really good. I'm going to add a link to this post. :)

  2. Haha, so One has introduced you to the kiasu mode of conduct!I like that!If I had a better camera, I would probably be out butterfly-hunting in my garden and join you kiasu people. Your photos are remarkable. Extend my compliment to your dear hubby.

  3. I am a regular to One's and Andrea's blog, but may now have to include your blog because of kiasu. You too have some wonderful shots of butterflies. I cannot join your 'contest' because our butterflies are not flying yet much because our weather is too cool. But we do have plenty of birds.

  4. Great shots of butterflies I am not familiar with. I especially love the colors of the Common Eggfly!

  5. Hi, I came over from One's blog. These photos are amazing!! The Union Jack is one I've never seen before. Enjoyed going through these wonderful images!

  6. One,
    thanks, I think you see things in photos that I dont!
    I dont know if this ever ends, but it is great to learn about different cultures in this way.
    Well I hope you enjoy following my blog. We are also in winter, but our winter does not get very cold.
    Yes those are very pretty and quite common in our garden - just wish they had a more interesting name.
    Thank you.
    Nature rambles,
    actually this "competition" has been good as it has got me doing more research on what is in my garden.

  7. Hi, I posted a comment here over the weekend, I am sure I did unless it went on another post, and I can't find it.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I love the photos too and am going to use them as inspiration for painting if you don't mind. Haven't painted for a while and these are great to help start me off.

    Hope this comment sticks :D

  8. I am sorry to have been late here, but better late than never! I love the shot of the Casia butterfly, we have lots of them as we have 2 very big Casia fistula or golder shower trees. One said she havent seen it even if she saw it in mine, maybe because my photo is not as beautiful as this one! Even of the others have broken wings, your photos are still good. I should have been in circulation to post another 'butterfly kiasu' post, but i was in hiatus for a while. I love it, and i saw lots of commenters joining in the fun, which amused me so much too!

  9. Ale piękne motyle. Pierwszy jest dla mnie najładniejszy. Pozdrawiam

  10. KJ,
    I would honored to have you use my photos for your painting inspiration! I also had trouble with my comments 'sticking" and haven't had the trouble since I changed to Google chrome. Just a thought.
    You are always welcome. You win the challenge with the photo you have of masses of butterflies on the rotting plantains. Amazing. It reminds me of those monarch butterflies as they breed in Mexico.
    thank you


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