Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Critters on the cosmos

Over the weekend the veggie garden was just alive with buzzing, swooping and darting.  Do those butterflies know that the mosaic butterfly/birdbath is busy curing, waiting to be filled with sparkling water?  I hope they like it.  I feel as though I have a present waiting - wrapped and ready to be opened and admired, and used.  I wonder if this little sweetie thought we couldn't see her - what  a match!
The sun was bright, but it didn't keep them away - zinnias and the basil are also flowering, but cosmos seems to be the big draw card.  Even ONE  in Malaysia has commented on that in her garden.

 I was doing the backbreaking work of re-doing the edges of the vegetable beds with stone (more user friendly in the tropics than wood )  Every time I would stretch to relieve my aching back my hubby would say - stay still, don't move..... so I feel I had something to do with these lovely photos, even if it was just staying still.  These little cassia are very common in the garden.
 The Ulysses were also out in full force, teasing with flashes of blue.
 and again....
 even the bees were busy.
I guess I don't have to worry about having enough pollinators this year.


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! The Kiasu Award is passed on to you!. Actually you deserve a better award than that. I've spotted a yellow butterfly fluttering around the yellow cosmos but they didn't stop for a drink.

    The Ulysses is beautiful. I have never seen them before.

    You are right about stones making a good border. I have also been replacing with stones. The coconuts husks have shrunk tremendously. The tree stems used as borders are still all right. It's a matter of time of course. I like the wooden look.

  2. Your photos are great, beautiful. Now the Kiasu Award is on you! haha! I wonder why those yellows don't let me shoot them, they don't stay put for me! And the equivalent, the yellow greens don't seem to be alighting on plants. I really wonder why! One knows i got tired of chasing them without much success. That Ulysses might be best if they open their wings, however most of those swallowtails just close them upon alighting. Its equivalent here is the reddish one. I wonder what happens if the 3 of us will be in a photo shoot for butteflies. Come, let's go to Malaysia!

  3. Fabulous photos! You're so right about the proliferation of butterflies at the moment. They just seem to be everywhere ... maybe they're just enjoying this marvellous winter weather.

    I've always used rocks as garden bed edging and totally agree that they are the best choice for our climate and conditions. I also love the more natural look they create.

  4. Such beautiful butterflies visit your garden! I only get the white cabbage moths in mine...too sad! I'll have to plant cosmos this spring!

  5. Beautiful butterfly shots! Love the yellow on yellow.

  6. Beautiful shots of butterfly and the flowers. I thought now it is kiasu on cosmos not butterfly at first since I think ONE snap a butterfly on cosmos at one time.

  7. OUTSTANDING photography!!! Those butterflies are so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed your accompanying narrative and hearing how excited you are to be able to offer them the gift of your little butterfly baths :)

  8. You are so blessed to have such beautiful butterflies gracing your gardens! I'm hoping for more this year, but sadly we have very few. Do we get to see this amazing gift? I can hardly wait!

  9. One, those little yellow ones often sit still to be photographed....
    Andrea, Oh wouldn't that be fun!
    I am also loving this cooler weather!, yes wood looks nice for a while, then starts rapidly deteriorating.
    Mrs Bok,
    well I can vouch for the cosmos, definitely worth planting...

  10. Floridgirl,
    Malay Kadazan,
    I cant keep up, I just enjoy the photos
    Yes hopefully they like the bath.
    Maybe it will warm up for you later and then you will get more. I did post a photo of the birdbath but there will be more.....

  11. Wow these are splendid photos. So beautiful


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