Friday, June 17, 2011


One of my finds in the big city were a couple of citrus trees marked down to 4.00 each!  wow!  Of course I had to buy them, and supposedly if kept in pots they will not grow too big.  They are called a lime mandarin, so I am sure will be a useful fruit, even if only for marmalade. I am thinking a bit ahead of myself though since they are not healthy looking specimens.

I don't want to add too many things until see how they react to a bit of love and sunshine. Most of us do better with love and sunshine don't we? I have repotted one and then given them both a good drink of seaweed tea mixed with Epsom salts. I will see what that does before I try anything else.  The one that I re potted was not particularly root bound which is often a problem with clearance plants.  The other problem is often over fertilization, so I find the wait and see attitude sometimes pays off.
I didn't find a plant to fill in the gap  in the front bed, so moved a greyvillea that had been right next to the fence. I think it will be happier out in the open and then we can enjoy the sunbirds as they come to drink the nectar.
This bed has kalanchoe behind the wooden edge, and when it starts to flower I think it is going to look lovely.  There are lots of buds, and I keep anxiously checking them.  When I drive in here after coming home from work all my troubles seem to fall away.  I sure do love my garden....


  1. The front garden looks lovely. I hope the lime mandarins perk up and grow nice and strong - they do look like they would benefit from some love and sunshine... :)

  2. They do look like thet need some TLC. If you can get them healthy (and I'm sure you can) you've got yourself a real bargain.
    I'm a great believer in seaweed solution. It can do wonders sometimes.

  3. Warning! Your garden may be invaded with Citrus Butterflies. Be warned and be prepared to lose some citrus leaves. :)

    Lovely garden.

  4. Oh, I do hope your citrus tree will grow healthy with the love and sunshine. I love citrus flower scent, just heavenly! I can see why all the troubles go away when you come back from work. I feel the same. Your front garden looks very beautiful.

  5. College gardener,
    It seems as though most of my plants have originally come form the clearance bin! I guess I have an affinity to save lost souls...
    I have also started adding a bit of charlie carp to my seaweed solution - have you tried that?
    Oh you are so funny! Maybe that is why I wanted some more citrus?
    Yes it is a lovely clean scent isn't it? I keep saying I don't have room for any trees, but I figured if they stay small in a pot....

  6. There are spring gardens that don't come anywhere close to your winter garden! It's beautiful and would make me happy every time I drove up, too! I hope your lime mandarins do well (I'm sure they will with you as their loving nurturer!).

  7. What a wonderful deal you got on those fruit trees, hope they do well for you. Your garden is looking quite the flowers growing on and around your wooden fence.

  8. I'm sure your TLC will have them all healthy in no time!

  9. Desiree,
    thank you! although I am so lucky to live in the tropics where everything grows like mad. Winter here is normally quite mild, although this year we have had to get out the jumpers.
    Mr H,
    I love a deal! Those hot pink ones are bouganvillea, a very common tropical flower and quite showy.
    my garden is easy to love!


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