Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ulysses butterflies on the yellow cosmos

I have these cosmos that have taken over in the vegetable garden - they are bright and cheery and
 oh my! - they attract my favorite butterflies -
I missed this display - it happened while I was at work so once again the praise goes to my hubby's photographing efforts. ( I told him he needs his own blog!)
 all the talk about how they only like red flowers....  this one seems very happy with orange. Look at the proboscis sucking out the nectar - normally it is rolled up in a tight little coil.
 Can you find the cross where this ones legs intersect?  I wonder who sent us this beauty? Look at the torn wing - I think they lead a hard life.

 I think blue and orange go so well together. Don't you?

 they flit around so fast that you only get a glimpse of that iridescent blue.
 - welcome to my garden  you pretty little things.
 I wonder if one of these (there were two) is the same one that hatched out of its chrysalis in our garden a couple of weeks ago?  I like to think they hang around their "birthplace".   Maybe she will go and lay an egg on my special host plant and we can begin the cycle again....
Hubby thinks I should buy him a beer -  I think he probably deserves it what do you think?


  1. Buy that man a beer. Buy him too, in fact. Lovely pictures, such an intense shade of blue, it glows.

  2. Wow! Maybe even buy him a six-pack.
    They are such quick flighty creatures. He has done well.

  3. The blue glows...Lovely! I have lots of yellow cosmos but I keep finding praying mantis in them. If you have seen my latest yellow collage, there is a baby praying mantis again. Butterflies don't seem to stop at my cosmos. Perhaps there are too many praying mantids.

    I remember you brother is also very good with the camera. Your hubby is fantastic too.

  4. Butterflies are just so pretty to look at. I still can't believe they start out as 'ugly ducklings'.

    Thanks for sharing with us these wonderful pictures. And of course thanks to your husband too :)

  5. Alison,
    Really they are my favorite butterflies and when they flit around and you get those flashes of intense blue it is stunning.
    Yes, anytime they are still their wings are closed, so it is pretty time consuming to get these type of shots.
    oh praying mantis are good bugs - dont get rid of them! I wonder what the praying mantis are after? I know once I saw them eating stinkbugs....
    Solitude Rising,
    Oh I am beginning to like caterpillars now that I see what they become. I think it is all in the eye of the beholder.

  6. That is ONE beautiful butterfly! We don't have those here. Wow. Hubby did a fine job covering for you while you were gone.


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