Saturday, May 7, 2011

A new rest area in the garden

My neighbour asked me if I wanted her chair, and I jumped at the chance.  we have been trying to hang an old hammock and my hubby spent so long getting it right and then we noticed that the fabric was rotting so gave it up.  This is so much nicer than a hammock!
doesnt it just look as though this spot was made for it? 
I  thought it looked good jsut off to the side of the pathway. There were some ground orchids in that area and I moved them over to the other side of the path - I wanted some more orchids there so it all worked out very well in in the end.

I have scattered my new pots around the area too - the big pot is still empy - not sure what I should put in that one. 
So now I have  a new tempting spot to sit and rest.  I tried it out a few times today and it is very comfy - gives me a new angle to survey the garden.


  1. Oh lovely, I'd be pretty happy spending some time in that chair... would you bring me a cup of tea??!

  2. Nothing beats a good sitting spot in the garden and that looks perfect.

  3. The chair really belong at that spot.

  4. Ali,
    Oh yes I love having friends drop in for tea - would you like a brownie with that? - I just made a fresh batch.
    Oh yes I made sure to try it out a few times this weekend :)
    that is exactly what I thought....
    I think it will become a favourite - hope I get some work done.
    I can attest to that - it was hard to get out of the chair and go and finish off my tidying up. (not a job I like at the best of times)


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