Saturday, April 23, 2011

vegetable garden april 2011


  1. Loved seeing your veggie garden and hearing that unusual birdcall, again! What kind of bird is it?
    Also, what is the vine with the beautiful, huge pink flowers?

  2. Love the birdcall! And the tour. Almost as good as being there.

  3. With your accent and the bird in the background quite a cool tropical gestalt you created for your garden tour. Nice!

  4. I very much enjoyed the tour of your vegetable garden. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your veggie garden is doing well. The bird singing in the backround adds an extra touch to this great video.

    Is the tall pawpaw tree with fruits still growing in a pot?

  5. Desiree,
    The vine with the big flowers is a mandevilla - quite a heavy vine, but lovely as it never stops flowering. I think that bird call is a butcher bird :(.
    As I said I think that is a butcher bird and one of them has eaten my ulysses catterpillar so I am not too impressed with them.
    It would have been better if I waited for a kookaburra!
    Solitude rising,
    Thank you, No the pot is in front of it with ocmfrey growing in it. I keep the comfrey in a pot as it dies down in the ground in the wet season.

  6. aloha,

    loved the tour of the veggie and tropical sections..the bird calls really evoke that tropical vibe immensely.

  7. Thanks Noel - I never noticed the bird call until I looked at the video later...


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