Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, oh oh - new catterpillars!

By now you probably think I am a caterpillar fanatic and I must admit I do seem to be turning into one.
About two years ago at the local markets I bought this little straggly tree/bush and the lady said that it would host Ulysses butterflies.  I have moved it around a few times and it is still a very straggly tree/ bush... but.......
we were sitting on the swing enjoying a avocado sandwich when I suddenly looked at a spot on the straggly tree/bush.  Wow!  that is exactly what a Ulysses butterfly caterpillar looks like - big smile - I rushed to get the camera.
 This one seems to be gathering the leaves together and there is some sort of web on the leaves.
Oh now this plant is paying its way!


  1. LOL! You must be a caterpillar fanatic. I just took some shots of 2 kinds of caterpillars. One is red and black and the other one a very furry black caterpillar. I wish I could send the caterpillars to you.

  2. Cool! I hope you get to see it turn into a butterfly. Take pictures if you do.

  3. I think you might have a winner on your hands there. That does indeed look like a Ulyssus butterfly caterpillar.

    I can see you sitting out there for days watching the progress of this little one ... camera in one hand. Just as well it's a long weekend!

  4. Definitely a Ulysses - so the lady at the markets told the truth. If I had such beautiful butterflies in my garden I'd be a fanatic too.

  5. One,
    well the ones that show up in my vegetable garden chewing on my lettuces have a very short life...:)
    I am really hoping to monitor the progress, unfortunately this morning one of them was missing - I suspect one of the big friar birds. :( so now i only have one to follow.
    I sure am enjoying this time off and yes a lot of time enjoying the garden, camera in hand. I have been hoping to catch a video of the ulysses in flight.
    I think my neighbour was even more excited than me! I am really lucky to have these on my doorstep I know.
    thank you

  6. Oh how wonderful! Ulysses are my favourite of all butterflies and I can't wait to see if you do have one emerge. I'm also just catching up on your posts and have been admiring the Orhard Swallowtails too :)

  7. This is a real chubby little chap! Love the little blue markings along its length.

  8. Gippslandgardener,
    Mine too, and I am going to be anxiously counting the days.
    he is isnt he?


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