Friday, April 29, 2011

Geurilla Gardening

My neighbour behind me was thinning out some of her spider lilies so I asked if she had any to spare.   She has also cleared out a lot of the red gingers that was a backdrop to our garden, and I miss them - I had enjoyed that continuity. It made it seem as though our garden extended on  into hers, making ours seem much bigger than it is. I gave her a sexy pink lady and red heleconia in exchange for the spider lilies. Soon we will have that green backdrop again.
We live in a set of units, so there is a communal area that I have been trying to spruce up myself.  If our surrounding area is lovely and well cared for then the value of our property is increased, so to me it is a win win situation.  I have more garden to play in as well!  The path leading to the pool has two rows of palm trees and it is notoriously diffiult to grow anything under palm trees, so I had been thinking I should look out for something that grows like a weed.  Well spider lillies fit the bill I think.   I cut the tops off, and loosened the soil as deep as I could, althuogh you couldnt really call it soil - not a worm in sight!  I hope they are as hardy as they seem.

 The area looks a bit tragic now, but as soon as green shoots start appearing it will look nice.
This is another area that had nothing but a golden palm, and about a year ago I started to add a few plants, and now it is looking really lovely.  It hides the rubbish bins from view. A bonus is that the red flowers here attract Ulysses butterflies.
I guess this could be called geurilla gardening.


  1. Ooo I love a bit of extending your garden, I have one that I do too. It's fun :)

    Looks lovely, but very dry... are you not having a lot of rain?

  2. Oh yes, the area under the golden palm that hides your rubbish bins is looking very nice. I'm sure in no time the other area where you planted the spider lilies will look great too.

  3. What a wonderful community spirit you possess! Everyone is able to benefit from your passion for gardening and making a piece of ground a joy to behold. And, of course you're abolutely right...a well cared for and pretty garden always adds value to a property. I think what you're doing is marvellous. Hopefully it will inspire the others to follow your lead!!!

  4. Good on you. I love the rubbish bin area too.

  5. The Spider Lilies are so hardy that I'm sure they'll take off beautifully and enhance that area under the Palms. Your work around those Golden Canes has really paid off. It's looking terrific. So many great Broms!

  6. If only our rubbish area looked as nice! Maybe you can add some worms yourself to give it a nice ground-like feel ;)


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