Saturday, April 23, 2011

Garden tour april 2011


  1. That was cool! Thanks so much! You have such a wonderful lush garden.

  2. What a wonderful tour! Thank you so much! Your garden is even more beautiful than I'd imagined and it was so special being walked through it all with you :)

  3. thank you Allison and Desiree,
    When I saw the videos of other blogs that I read I noticed a new dimension so wanted to try ne of my own.

  4. How wonderful to hear you and see your lush tropical garden. After a busy long weekend, I had just sat down to catch up with my blog list and saw you had posted a video. I've so enjoyed my visit.

    You lucky thing, your variegated Spiral Ginger is flowering ... I'm still waiting on mine. That is a terrific area at the front. The purple plant ... is that Persian Shield? I've tried to grow that without much success. Your patch looks brilliant next to the Mock Orange. The Desert Rose is beautiful.

    Love the area under your lychee tree ... those ground orchids do look fantastic. I know the little area back next to the gate will fill in nicely. Your little pathways add that touch of interest and you just want to stroll down there to take a look.

    You've done a great job in creating a truly lush tropical garden with such a range of beautiful foliage plants as well as flowering beauties like the Anthuriums and Gingers.

  5. Thank you Bernie,
    Well, it was watching your videos that spurred me on! Yes I knew the name persian shield but of course it totally escaped me while I was filming! It grows like a weed here, and the colour is brighter on new growth so I have to keep cutting it back. I am so glad I did those pathways - it has added an extra dimension, and I think cut down on the mozzies.


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