Friday, April 1, 2011

Colour co-ordinated butterfly

Can butterflies see colour?  How on earth did this butterfly know that he would match this bucket so perfectly?  It is full of some compost I dragged out the bottom of my composter - there must be some good stuff in there.....or maybe this was a modelling opportunity he couldnt miss?
 I was hoping for some dry weather this weekend, but it looks like more rain is on the way.
Never mind, I dont have much time for gardening.  We are hoping to have a family brunch out in the garden on sunday so still holding thumbs for good weather for that.

My hubby took the photos while I was at work, so I missed seeing him.
 (Hubby is a good photographer isnt he?)

 this is aptly named the blue triangle butterfly.

I wish you a butterfly filled sunny weekend! 


  1. Wow--that is guh-orgeous!!! It seems your butterflies are prettier than ours.

    Hope your weather turns out nice on Sunday. We had wicked summer-like storms blast through Central Florida all day today. Several tornadoes....scary stuff.

  2. It looks as though we could see through the butterfly. It seems to be the exact shade of blue!

    Lucky you. Both brother and hubby are great at taking photos.

  3. That's Fab. Hope to see more butterfly's this year here in Ireland, they seem to be in the decline last few years!

  4. That is just too amazing, but you must have a point, there, unless you quickly photo-shopped this, because it's April Fool's Day?! :)

  5. He definitely is a great photographer. Both photos are so clear. I wonder what was in your compost that attracted him.

  6. Beautiful and vivid close-up pictures. You must have a mineral-rich compost that even butterflies love it.

  7. Yes, he is a ver good photographer!
    Such a beautiful butterfly, and never seen this kind before.

  8. What a beautiful butterfly.I love the turquoise in its wings. It is color coordinated.LOL! Gorgeous

  9. Oh - what a stunning beauty - and what a great photo! I can't wait to show my daughter this post, she'll be every bit as delighted as I am :)

  10. Your hubby took excellent photos of a fantastically colorful butterfly!

  11. Floridagirl,
    Luckily the rain held off and we had a lovely day out in the garden..
    yes that colour match was amazing wasnt it?
    Stone art,
    I think all the rain we had brought more, hope you get lots
    no, no tricks! WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
    I never thought of my compost as being sweet, but it was very moist.

    Solitude rising,
    oh maybe it was the minerals....
    yes we do have some pretty butterflies here.
    Hocking Hills,
    even I thoght it was a trick at first.
    thank you, and glad you enjoyed it.
    Theanne and Baron,
    Hi is getting lots of compliments, I think he better start his own blog!

  12. That colour match is so close, it is almost frightening ;~) You can always invite him to do a guest post?

  13. Actually he is getting a little embarrased at all the attention!

  14. That is one gorgeous butterfly! -Jean

  15. Love the Butterfly.

    Have a wonderful day,


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