Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bleeding heart vine

I read about this vine on a Florida blog a  year or so ago (I think it was Floridagirl) and was excited to see one on the clearance rack, so snapped it up.  It suffered badly during our wet season - I could never see the bugs, but something was madly attracted to its leaves.   A couple of months back I cut it right back and it began to send out some branches and this time the leaves stayed, and then I was excited to see some little white flowers.  Oh pretty, I thought, but in the back of my mind I had thought there was some red involved in the flowers - then I saw little red buds appearing at the base of the flowers.

Then some of the  red flowers opened up - how cool is that! 

 I am so glad I persisted with this vine.  It is called a bleeding heart vine.


  1. Beautiful! I'm not familiar with this vine, I have to look it up.

  2. It's a great vine and generally pretty hardy once it gets established. Lovely little flowers.

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry, but I can't stand it! I agree that it's pretty, but it's uncontrollable at my house and I just cannot get rid of it. Hardy indeed!

    I wish I had known you loved it, I could have dug up some to send to you :)

    You don't have any black bamboo do you?

  4. Alison,
    I had never heard of it before reading about it on Floridagirls blog.
    yes, that is what I was hoping for, but then....
    Gosh nowhere did I read that it could become a pest! It is not listed as a weed - it must just like your place! Luckily it is in an area where it can have free reign. No sorry, no bamboo.

  5. This is something I've always wanted to grow here, but haven't seen it around much. It's really quite a beautiful flower.

  6. Last year I saw this vine also, but a little bit hesitated bringing it home since I am afraid the vine will spread too much. It is so beautiful, especially we can not grow the real "bleeding heart" plants here. Keep us updated how this plant behaves in your yard.

  7. Beautiful vine indeed, the red color is a nice addition to the white.

    There is another "bleeding Heart" (dicentra spectabilis) worth looking into. I don't know if it will grow in your area though.

  8. Desiree,
    It is every bit as pretty as I thought it would be, but at the moment not actually as prolific as I would like - seems that might change though!
    this is the only one I have ever seen - if you are game I could send you a cutting....
    Luckily this is located out in the front on a long wooden fence so it can wander and spread as much as it likes.
    Solitude Rising,
    I have seen that other bleeding heart before, but am sure it gets too hot and humid for it here.

  9. Oh no, I don't think it's a pest, it just is at my place :) Everything is a pest when it's where you don't want it - isn't it?

    I'm sorry I'm so negative about it - you should hear me go on about how much I dislike mondo grass!


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