Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The sunshine brings out the flowers

My wonderful hubby gave me a huge hand tuned wind chime for my birthday, and the sun shone all day so I was a very happy camper working out in the garden with the gentle sounds of the chimes ringing in my ears every time a gentle breeze wafted by.  Oh heaven! 

The sunshine has brought out all the flowers :)  I knew that would happen - sunshine does marvellous things. I never even knew this plant flowered - I have had it for years, in quite  a few places, and mostly at the back so never really peer in between the branches. 
Isn't it lovely against the background of its striped leaf?

 so many tropical flowers are like this, a bunch of succulent little bulbs that the flowers peep out of.
The crepe paper costus is similar- it will soon stop flowering as we enter our dry season

and then this little beauty carries on throughout the year - tiny flowers, but oh so pretty with the variegated foliage
and the stephanotis are opening up - aren't they so pretty? - but they don't have a scent - I thought they would :(
Isn't it amazing what a bit of sunshine will do?


  1. I love the sound of chimes gently sounding in a soft breeze...

    Those are interesting flowers, especially the first one. So fresh and pretty, lovely for you now Spring has arrived.

    Have a great day,


  2. Lovely wind chime! Happy belated birthday!

  3. I used to have a big set of wind chimes like that. We lost it when we moved. Actually, we might have left it behind on its hook.

    I need to find me some more. I bet they sound very pretty.

  4. I love wind chimes - lucky you. Unfortunately my hubby doesn't like them. He thinks they are noise pollution and tangles any I have into the tree branches so they won't chime! :(

  5. The stephanotis flower is really pretty! The chime is a wonderful gift. I wish you have lots of sunshine :-D

  6. It must be pleasant working to the sound of the wind chime. BTW Happy Birthday. Tropical flowers are truly amazing. Do you think we will ever have a dry season?

  7. Oh, wonderful post...your wind chime is absolutely beautiful! I'm so, so envious! Love that it's inscribed on each 'note' and the 'ringer' is exquisitely carved/cut out. We have chimes in various spots around the garden...I love them, but none as gorgeous as yours! What a marvellous gift!

    I'm so glad to hear you had SUNSHINE and the HUGE MOON to make your birthday even more special :)

    All of these flowers are stunning, and new to me. I'm quite surprised to hear the stephanotis has no fragrance! I thought ALL white flowers are perfumed!

  8. Awesome pics. Lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing.

    Can you speak the language of flowers. Take the test Language Of Flowers and find out. I have taken the test and enjoyed a lot hope you too enjoy. Have Fun!!!!

  9. Tania,
    Actually I am in Australia so it is fall now, although we really dont have what you would call winter in the tropics :)
    Open kitchen concept,
    thank you, and I am enjoying your recipes! I hope you get the cafe of your dreams someday - that was always a dream of mine too!
    well it sounds as though you need a replacement for those you lost.
    Come think of it my hubby used to do that as well! - wow I dont know what changed him, I guess he knew he wasnt going to win that battle so might as well join in!

  10. Stephanie,
    thank you, and yes I do enjoy the sunshine
    oh yes I hope so - we have had five days now of sunshine and I am one happy camper.....
    I didnt think you could see all that detail - it was such a bad photo... The stephanotis is not within easy reach so there might be some smell, but not what I had imagined. Interesting, I had never heard that white flowers have a scent.
    thank you - I also enjoyed your lovely stories.


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