Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Years ago at the sunday markets I bought this vine - stephanotis - she said it was called - it has lovely white very fragrant flowers - the type that florists use in bridal bouquets.  Well, I planted it and forgot about it - firstly it just grew one long stem, which wouldnt  twine around any supports I provided and kept flopping down.  Eventenually I nipped off the growing end and it began to put out a few branches.  Not too many mind you, and since it was in the corner out of the way I really just stopped thinking about it much.  It has been a couple of years, and then then, during all this rain I noticed a few buds - yeah. :)  I guess maybe I need to be more aware of some of these plants that seem to require a lot of water.

Originally I thought I would start this post and track the progress as the beautiful flowers opened up and even have a scratch and sniff ( :) ) since they supposedly smell so amazing.
for a week now the buds have looked exactly the same - maybe they dont open up - oh no! 
I think they need sunshine!
Dont we all?
Hoping for some today - there have been glimpses of blue sky!


  1. Oh, I do wish you could incorporate a scratch and sniff on your blog, as I'm sure those fat little buds are going to release the most heavenly perfume once they burst open :)

    Wish we could get some rain...we've had absolutely nothing for weeks on end now!

  2. It will stop raining eventually.
    Please post a phot o of them when they open. They look so unusual as buds.

  3. Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles as well.
    All the best, Bob West


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