Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just recently I posted about an area that I thought was getting too full.
This is the pathway leading to that area, and I do think I need to thin it down a bit, but which plants do I get rid of?  It is so hard.

The little ground orchids multiply fast and so I have been subdividing them and scattering them all over to add greenery and colour. This bud is just starting....

 then once they open the flowers stay around for ages

With all the rain we have realised that walking on the grass continually when it is wet and muddy does not do the grass any good, so I have removed the end of the bomeliad bed and am filling it in with stones so that we can avoid walking on the grass.
Hopefully that will give the grass a chance to recover.   I didnt really want to make a path through the grass and this idea looks as though it will work. 


  1. Great to know your orchid is multiplying fast. We have been having lots of rain here too. I'm removing my lawn and replacing them with stones. So the stones would be my pathway. But it will take a lot of time and effort to finish the job.

  2. AA: Your pathway looks very tropical! I totally undersand it is very hard to get rid of any plants. I also run into the same issue when the garden bed quickly gets crowded. Your ground orchids are very beautiful. I wish mine can multiply as fast as yours.

    Yes, I think your stone path can give the grass a rest. My side garden was very muddy in rainy season until we built the stone pathway and a raised flower bed.

  3. I would have a hard time thinning those orchids, they're very pretty! Everything looks so lush!

  4. I wouldn't remove a thing, if I were you! Just trim back those leaves that overhang the path and maybe stake those plants that tend to lean into the path too enthusiastically.

    Your gravel walkway along the house is a good alternative to walking on the grass! :)

  5. Could you hack things back rather than pull them out altogether? I'm a bit of a chop back like mad fan, it does wonders for the soul in my humble opinion!


  6. I understand why its hard for you to pick which plant to thin down. All the plants lining the pathway are so beautiful and very healthy.

    I just hope our garden pockets will attain such lushness someday.

  7. One,
    that seems to be on everyones list at the moment - getting rid of the lawn!
    The thing is that they look so small when you first plant them......
    I am very lucky living in this climate
    as we move into the dry season some of those plants will die off too, so maybe as you say just a little trimming will do for now.
    yes I will drag out the loppers this weekend..
    Solitude Rising,
    You are working in a much bigger area, but what you have done is looking very good.


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