Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Large Heleconias

The sexy pink lady has been blooming - right in the back corner, and high up so nobody could really get to enjoy it.
 I cut it down and put it inside in a  vase - luckily I have this wonderful vase big enough to accommodate such a large flower.
 a week or so ago I noticed that the other large heleconia is also blooming - there was just a bit of red peeking out between the leaves.

 Now it is beginning to unfurl - I always think the flowers that take so long to open seem to last the longest, so I am curbing my impatience.

 It is a fairly large plant, but hopefully I can curtail its growth enough to have  a few flowers yet not allow it to overtake the whole garden.  I have already transplanted a few cuttings out into the central island where there is more room for it to grow and spread.
I am linking this post to Noels hot loud and proud meme - check out more hot loud and proud tropical plants and flowers here  hot


  1. What gorgeous lovely to be able to grow such an exotic looking plant...well done!

  2. That is so spectacular. It's one of the many things I love about North Qld. We could never grow them like that here.

  3. Wow! What an amazing flower!

  4. That is a sizable gorgeous gal! That would mean the plant is very tall, taller than my trees.

  5. Beautiful! I envy you. Our large heliconias have turned dwarf. We have sexy pinks but no sexy flowers to boast of.

  6. Aloha,

    georgious, come and link this to the hot meme this week!

  7. Theanne and Baron,
    so lucky to live here - Once they get established, you spend most of your gardening time cutting back!
    Glad I could share - you have a beautiful garden - nothing is missing!
    Alison - thanks
    One -
    yes it goes right up into the lychee tree which is pretty tall.
    Solitude Rising,
    thats strange - I would have thought they would have loved all the space you have. Maybe they like to be compacted a bit?
    Ok I will do that

  8. Your sexy lady is really tall. She can't fit into any of my vases nor my garden! I love heliconias.

  9. You really are so fortunate being able to enjoy those beautiful tropical specimen plants! Their displays are absolutely worth waiting for. The heliconia looks like a large red strelitzia in this photo. Can't wait to see it fully opened!

    How did you manage to stop the vase that contains the pink lady from toppling? What a stunning arrangement it makes!

  10. Autumn belle,
    Well it really is in all honesty too big for my garden too, but it is staying!
    I do have a strelitzia and cant wait for it to flower too- evidently they can take a couple of years. that is out the front where it is drier and sunnier.
    that vase used to have a pump it it - the water cascades over those little grey cups in the front, but the pump broke - I probably shoved too many flowers into it! It is very heavy - it will never topple over.

  11. Hi AA. I happened to be reading your newest post when the label for this one caught my eye. I must have sexy-pink on the brain cause it is in my newest post. Yours is exceptionally tall though.


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