Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest post - the other brother

For my birthday my older brother sent me this photo (and gave me permission to post it on my blog) .  It is a malachite kingfisher. Isnt that colouring just amazing?  He is a very talented photographer - maybe it will rub off on me some day.....
I feel a bit responsible for his marvellous talent - I gave him his very first digital camera!


  1. What an incredibly beautiful photograph! It's in a league all of its own!!! Your brother certainly is a talented photographer!

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to you!!!!

  2. What a great start to my day. Just before I headed into work, I thought I'd check my blogger reading list and I saw this beauty.

    What an outstanding little creature. I've heard of them but had never seen a photo before ... fabulous colours!

    Your brother captured it all so well with this shot. He might have just got lucky, lol!

  3. Happy Birthday! That is a great capture. Maybe the secret is in the camera?

  4. Desiree,
    His bird and animal photos are amazing. thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Yes I think it is a perfect shot, and I love the way the sunlight reflects off the feathers.
    thanks, He does have a very good camera now, along with all the equipment.


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